Help/Adobe Flash

You can easily insert Adobe Flash (.swf) files in the wiki.

Uploading Flash files

First, Flash files need to be uploaded in the wiki. For that purpose, you will use the UpLoad plugin.


You give access to the uploaded Flash files with the following syntax.




will inline the image.


Using the Upload: syntax, options are allowed to change the appearance:

[[Upload:myflash.png size=40x25 align=center]]

Separate options by spaces. The allowed options are the following:

  • size: width "x" height or num + "%"
  • align: string
  • border: number
  • hspace: number
  • vspace: number


Wikicreole syntax


Plugin Template failed. Page “Help/Adobe Flash/themes/Sidebar/ora.swf” does not exist.

Upload syntax

[[Upload:ora.swf size=50x50]]

URL syntax


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