Categories are a way to group pages that are related to the same subject. They provide an easy way to browse the wiki.

In Phpwiki, categories are not stored in a separate namespace like in Mediawiki for instance. A category is a page with a name that begins with “Category” and contains a call to the BackLinks plugin.

Creating a new category

The simplest way to create a new category is to to go the CategoryCategory page.

Enter its name (starting with “Category”) and hit “CreatePage” button.

This will automatically insert the necessary plugins calls.

You might want to add at the beginning of the page a paragraph explaining the purpose of the category.

Suppose you want to create a category called CategoryFruit. You might add:

This Category groups the different kinds of fruit.

By default, the new category is created as a subcategory of CategoryCategory (the “root” category). You might want to change this (see below “Category hierarchies”).

Putting a page in a category

To put the article banana in CategoryFruit, you have to put at the end of the page:


The CategoryFruit page will then display your text describing the purpose of the category, then the list of pages in the category.

The can be done very easily by using the [C] button of the edit toolbar when editing the page.

Category hierarchies

The simplest way to use categories is to use “flat” categories. But you can also build a hierarchy of categories by putting categories themselves in categories.

For example, you can put the [[CategoryFruit]] in [[CategoryFood]] instead of default [[CategoryCategory]].

Tips and tricks

  • Page CategoryCategory is the root category. All categories should be subcategories of this category (recursively).
  • If in a page you need to refer to a category, you should add a semi-colon: [[:CategoryFruit]]. This will create a link to the category without putting the page in the category (which would be the case if using [[CategoryFruit]]).
  • You can put a page in several categories if needed.


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