About phpwiki: URLs

A special type of URL is available for making links to perform administrative and other special functions in PhpWiki. Here is a brief description of how they work.

The basic syntax of a phpwiki: URL is


If pagename is omitted it defaults to the current page.

Query-args should be a set of parameters in standard HTTP GET format.

The "action=x" parameter should almost always be given. It can be one of browse, diff, edit, viewsource, zip, dumpserial, loadserial, remove, lock, unlock, login, logout, setprefs or save. The default action is browse.

Some of the actions accept other parameters.

FullTextSearch, TitleSearch Accepts s=search term, and size=input size.
edit Accepts version.
remove Accepts verify.
save Accepts editversion, minor_edit, and content.
setprefs Accepts edit_area_width, edit_area_height.

Writing Magic Links in Wiki Pages

A magic link looks like:

**~[** //text// **|** //phpwiki-url// **]**

The "text |" is optional but usually recommended. If given it will provide the label for the link.

The phpwiki-url is a phpwiki: URL as described above.

Some examples

[ Edit the SandBox | phpwiki:SandBox?action=edit ]

will generate a link which will take you directly to editing the SandBox, like so: Edit the SandBox.

Other possibilities:

Writing Magic Forms in Wiki Pages

Note: The old syntax for Magic forms is no longer supported. They are superseded by <?plugin-form>.

If the plugin is called using <?plugin-form instead of <?plugin and the plugin supports searching, then it will be rendered as a form.

size If given, specifies the size of the input area.
s Specifies the default value for the input.


A search plugin invoked with <?plugin instead of <?plugin-form simply inserts the search results of the plugin:

<<TitleSearch s=wiki noheader=true limit=10>>

Search results for Page titles containing 'wiki':

|<<   << - 1 / 1 - >>   >>|
|<<   << - 1 / 1 - >>   >>|
<?plugin-form FullTextSearch ?>



<?plugin-form TitleSearch formsize=12 ?>


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