Found your site through yahoo via "Kyosho Landjump" and saw a nicely finished Sliverfox. Knowing that you have some troubles starting it, I'll offer my 0.02. I owned it a few years ago. It was made by Thunder Tiger in mid 80's. It's a knockout of Kyosho Landjump.

To start the engine you need an airplane style starter with a rubber starting wheel on it. It is cumbersome to hold the car still and make sure good contact of the starter to flywheel. It also depends on your experience level on model engines.

I was able to start my Silverfox and adjusted the car to have some fun. Unfortunately the major problem of this car, including Kyosho Landjump and Vanning, is the chain drive. Either the chain breaks or the main gear is stripped with a short run time. I eventually sold both cars. The new generation buggies are shaft driven and are much more reliable.

I still collect vintage buggies. It is a 2WD Kyosho Baja Rowdy or Baja Racing. If you are interested, take a look at

I am also in the Bay Area and belong to Bayside RC Club in Fremont. If you need help starting the Silverfox, drop me a line and I can help you out.


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