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Hi, Jessie here.

I found myself buying up all the Silver Fox on eBay to build a fleet (wife killed me)! I have 20 plus of these heart pumping buggies in many levels of construction and have parted out many of them. The weakest point on the buggy seems to be the front end. Many of the units I bought had major repairs to this piece. I also collect the Kyosho Vanning, Landjump, Mint Las Vegas, Impacata Baja, and many others, but I have only run the Silver Fox because I have so many replacement parts. Here is a link to one of my Foxes:

The Silver Fox came in THREE versions. GOLD (all the upgrades and gold pieces), GREEN shock version, and SILVER shock version. Thought I would share. Cya, Jessie.

Email me if you need parts: [email protected]

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