I bought a silver fox brand-new when I was a kid. Never got the thing started... even sent it into Tower Hobbies and they put in a new OS engine for me. By that time I was off to college and sold it.

Now that I'm an engineer I'd get it running easily. That was one of the first gas cars of it's time and there wasn't much support for it. The rip cord and pull start cars today are a snap in comparison.

First I'd get the engine running on a bench before putting it in the car (that thing was a pain installing). Gravity feed the gas... make sure your glowplug is hot... and while turning over the engine make adjustments on the carb. I'd rig up a fixture to allow me to turn over the engine continuously (that was my biggest problem as a kid).

Same thing after you install it in the car... make sure you have an easy way to turn over the engine continuously. Build some sort of rig to hold your starting motor and car sits on top (out of wood?).

Engines only need 3 things. Gas, air and spark (or in this case a glow plug to get the engine started).

Good luck.

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