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If you contribute to Wikipedia or to other wikis that use the Mediawiki software, you will notice some differences in the wiki syntax of Mediawiki and the wiki syntax of Phpwiki.

Syntax differences

Here are some differences between Mediawiki and Phpwiki:

  • Italics are // (but you can also use '' like in Wikipedia)
  • Bold is ** (you cannot use ''' like in Wikipedia)
  • There is no automatic capitalisation of first character of page name. Pages [[foo]] and [[Foo]] are different.
  • A space in a page name in not equivalent to an underscore. Pages [[foo bar]] and [[foo_bar]] are different. We recommend to use a space in the page names.
  • Many things that are built-in in Mediawiki use plug-ins in Phpwiki (table of contents, redirections, back links, etc.).
  • Redirections are less sophisticated in Phpwiki (e.g. backlinks do not show redirected pages)


You can use in ACOS Forge the Mediawiki table syntax.

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