You can easily use images in the wiki.

Uploaded images

First, image files need to be uploaded in the wiki. For that purpose, you will use the UpLoad plugin.


Once the image is uploaded, the easiest way to insert it is to use the toolbar.

Click on the icon and you will be shown a list of available images.

Select an image and click Insert. The image will be inserted without options or alternative text.


You give access to the uploaded image with the following syntax.




will inline the image.

{{myimage.png|this is the alt text for my image}}

inlines the image with an alternative text.

[[some link|{{myimage.png}}]]

if you click on the image, will goto "some link"

[[some link|{{myimage.png|alt text}}]]

same with alternative


same as above: picture links to url

[[|{{myimage.png|alt text}}]]

same with alternative


shows a plain link

[[Upload:myimage.png | my image]]

shows the image under a link named "my image".

For Mediawiki compatibility, the keyword Upload: can be replaced by File: or Image:.


Using the Upload: syntax, options are allowed to change the appearance:

[[Upload:myimage.png size=40x25 align=center]]

Separate options by spaces. The allowed options are the following:

  • size: width "x" height or num + "%"
  • align: string
  • border: number
  • hspace: number
  • vspace: number

URL images

You can also use "external" images by providing a URL.

In that case, you simply put the URL between double brackets or double curly brackets:




will give:

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