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 == External Requirements == 
 Some plugins require correctly configured PLUGIN_CACHED and external libraries 
 not provided with ~PhpWiki or PHP, such as 
-* [PHP with GD support | php-function:ref.image] for the [[Help:text2pngPlugin|text2png]] plugin,  
-* [LaTeX2HTML | ftp://ftp.dante.de/tex-archive/support/latex2html ] for the [[Help:TexToPngPlugin|TexToPng]] plugin and [[Help:TeX2pngPlugin|TeX2png]] plugin,  
-* [graphviz | http://graphviz.org/] for the [[Help:GraphVizPlugin|GraphViz]] plugin and [[Help:VisualWikiPlugin|VisualWiki]] plugin,  
-* [ploticus | http://ploticus.sourceforge.net/] for the [[Help:PloticusPlugin|Ploticus]] plugin,  
-* [phpweather | http://phpweather.sf.net] for the [[Help:PhpWeatherPlugin|PhpWeather]] plugin,  
-* [highlight | http://www.andre-simon.de/] for the [[Help:SyntaxHighlighterPlugin|SyntaxHighlighter]] plugin,  
-* a browser with [<iframe> support|http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/html/iframe.html] for the [[Help:TranscludePlugin|Transclude ]] plugin, 
+* [[ php-function:ref.image | PHP with GD support] ] for the [[Help:text2pngPlugin|text2png]] plugin,  
+* [[ ftp://ftp.dante.de/tex-archive/support/latex2html | LaTeX2HTML] ] for the [[Help:TexToPngPlugin|TexToPng]] plugin and [[Help:TeX2pngPlugin|TeX2png]] plugin,  
+* [[ http://graphviz.org/ | graphviz] ] for the [[Help:GraphVizPlugin|GraphViz]] plugin and [[Help:VisualWikiPlugin|VisualWiki]] plugin,  
+* [[ http://ploticus.sourceforge.net/ | ploticus] ] for the [[Help:PloticusPlugin|Ploticus]] plugin,  
+* [[ http://phpweather.sf.net | phpweather] ] for the [[Help:PhpWeatherPlugin|PhpWeather]] plugin, 
 * USE_DB_SESSION = true (default for the peardb, adodb or dba backends) for the [[Help:WhoIsOnlinePlugin|WhoIsOnline]] plugin, 
 * --with-xml support (with expat or libxml2) for the [[Help:RssFeedPlugin|RssFeed]] plugin (~ProjectSummary, ~RecentReleases) and ~HtmlParser support (~ImportHtml, ~HtmlAreaEditing), 
-* PHP Mail functionality (php.ini: SMTP + sendmail_from on Windows or sendmail_path) for email  
- PhpWiki: PageChangeNotifications and ModeratedPage's,  
-* a [Google license key | http://www.google.com/apis/] for the [[Help:GooglePluginPlugin|GooglePlugin]] plugin,  
-* optionally an external recommender engine (none yet, php only so far) and the wikilens theme for the [[Help:RateItPlugin|RateIt ]] plugin, 
+* PHP Mail functionality (php.ini: SMTP + sendmail_from on Windows or sendmail_path) for email PageChangeNotifications and ModeratedPage's,  
+* a [[ http://www.google.com/apis/ | Google license key] ] for the [[Help:GooglePluginPlugin|GooglePlugin]] plugin, 
 * optionally apache/mod_log_{my}sql for fast, external log analysis if ACCESS_LOG_SQL=1 (Referer, Abuse Prevention). 
  See ##lib/Request.php## and http://www.outoforder.cc/projects/apache/mod_log_sql/ 
 == Author == 
-* [[PhpWiki :JeffDairiki |Jeff Dairiki]] ? 
+* [[Help :Jeff Dairiki |Jeff Dairiki]] ? 
 [[PhpWikiDocumentation]] [[CategoryWikiPlugin]] 

current version

The PluginManager plugin provides a dynamic list of plugins on this wiki.


<<PluginManager info=args>>




Default value


Display the arguments also. To disable use info=0.



define('REQUIRE_ADMIN', true) in the sourcecode to disable general usage.



PhpWiki lets you extend it with new functionality via a plugin mechanism. In short, you extend a PHP class we provide and customize it to print out the content you want. For more information see Help:WikiPlugin, Help:HelloWorldPlugin, and view the source of the files in lib/plugin.

If there is no example page for the plugin, or you need more information, the best place to go is the source of the plugin. Under your wiki's root directory, the folder lib/plugin contains all the PHP files for the plugins.

External Requirements

Some plugins require correctly configured PLUGIN_CACHED and external libraries not provided with PhpWiki or PHP, such as


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