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 == See Also == 
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The UserPreferences plugin allows any user to adjust his own preferences. The plugin must be used in the page UserPreferences. Preferences are stored in metadata in the current session, within the user's home page or in a database.






Error: The user HomePage must be a valid WikiWord. Sorry, UserPreferences cannot be saved.

User preferences for user
PhpWiki Warning: (8, Undefined property: _AnonUser::$_authmethod, /var/www/phpwiki/lib/Template.php(157) : eval()'d code, 133)
      UserId: [          ]   from 
       getId: []  getAuthenticatedId: [          ] | isSignedIn: [  ]
  Auth Level: [         0]      Auth Method: [        ]
    HomePage: [          ]
      E-mail: [          ]
       Theme: [Hollenback]    Current theme: [Hollenback] 
    Language: [        en] Current language: [        en] 


Your e-mail: ''

Status: e-mail not yet verified.

Note, that user accounts with bouncing e-mails will be disabled.

Get an e-mail notification at changes of the following pages:

Check if you do not want to be notified of your own modifications.

Check if you do not want to be notified of minor modifications.


Here you can override site-specific default values.
Personal theme: Hollenback

System default: Hollenback

Personal language: en

System default: en

Hide or show LinkIcons (if supported by the current theme). Useful for text-only browsers or slow connections.

Add Google links to unknown pages behind the '?', and the create action behind the pagename instead. See GooglePrompt.

Enabled makes it hard to double-click words and sentences for cut and paste.

Edit Area Size

Height: 22 Width: 80

Note that many browsers will automatically adjust the width of the editing area so that it fills the browser window. In this case, the width preference will be ignored.

Time Zone

The current time at the server is November 27, 2022 8:10 am. With the current offset, this would be reported as November 27, 2022 8:10 am.

Date Format


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