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 * connect to projector 
 * fullscreen preview 
 I just used this to give a talk at [BayLISA|http://www.baylisa.org] on April 22, 2011. The slides from my talk can be found [here on my website|http://www.hollenback.net/junk/YahooReleaseManagement.pdf]. 
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current version

I generate my presentations with org-mode in emacs and the beamer LaTeX class(pdf). I then display them as PDFs with the Preview app on my Mac, running in full screen mode. I use iRed Lite to enable controlling the presentation with my mac's included remote.

I also use Caffeine to prevent my laptop from going to sleep during the presentation.

Here's a nice guide on how to give a presentation by Glen Campbell.

This is the checklist I'm working on for everything I need to do prior to giving a presentation:

  • vga & hdmi dongle
  • laptop power cord
  • apple remote
  • spellcheck presentation
  • pdf presentation uploaded to website
  • floss teeth
  • check clothes
  • final spellcheck of source file
  • generate pdf from emacs
  • upload pdf to my website
  • reboot laptop
  • start caffeine
  • start iRed Light
  • close extra programs
  • phone ringer off
  • laptop volume off
  • start preview
  • advance to first slide
  • connect to projector
  • fullscreen preview

I just used this to give a talk at BayLISA on April 22, 2011. The slides from my talk can be found here on my website.

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