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 [Viking Designer 1 Service Manual|http://www.hollenback.net/viking/Husqvarna SB Designer 1.pdf] 
 [Viking Designer 1 Parts List|http://www.hollenback.net/viking/Husqvarna PB Designer 1.pdf] 

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Viking Designer 1 Repair Manuals

I have a Viking Designer 1 sewing machine. It's one heck of an amazing machine that automates just about everything. It has a touchscreen and it does embroidery. There's a usb port so you can upload embroidery designs to it.

The touchscreen on my machine recently broke, so I ordered a replacement one. I went searching on the internet for the repair manual and couldn't find it. The only place I could find one was on ebay, where I had to pay $13 for the privilege of downloading the pdf.

That's ridiculous. Husqvarna/Viking owns the repair manuals, but they aren't the ones selling them online. Someone else scanned the paper manual and now sells the copies on ebay. I think that's fine, but I also don't think that person has the right to control this information.

Thus as a public service I'm placing the pdfs for both the service manual and the parts list here. This is an old sewing machine (over 10 years) and repair information should be freely available. If Husqvarna sends me a cease and desist I will certainly take the files down. However, since I had to buy them from a third party who does not own the copyright I feel it is ethical for me to place copies of the documents here as a public service.


Viking Designer 1 Service Manual

Viking Designer 1 Parts List


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