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!!!Welcome to  This Thing's Been Up For Over


* __11/08/22__: Oh look I'm on
[[|Mastodon]] now.
* __04/16/20__: I hope everyone is doing ok during the current
coronavirus pandemic.
* __05/08/19__: I'm not dead yet!
* __03/19/16__: Hey there, just wanted to say that this website is
still going strong.  Check out some of my recent pages.
* __12/15/15__: I just wanted to mention that [Nethack
3.6.0|] has been released.
* __10/14/15__: Finally upgraded phpwiki and made this website semi
functional again.
* __02/24/12__: Moved to my own VPS and upgraded to latest phpwiki
with a new theme.
* __03/03/11__: Be sure to check out the articles below, I've been
writing a lot of blog posts over the last few months.
* __12/27/10__: Survived another insane year. Highlights: another baby
boy (healthy & happy), [wrote & presented a paper at a technical
* __01/20/10__: I finally got my followup to [Big City
Baby|BigCityBaby] written - [Big City Toddler|BigCityToddler]!
* OlderUpdates

!!General Interest

* My thoughts on NASA and attending the [SpaceX
* Designing and building a [Makeup Mirror
* Husqvanra Viking Designer 1 [Sewing Machine Repair
* Some [ThoughtsOnMentalHeath].
* The [Glory of My Walk to the Store Last
* Guess what? I [suck at Caltrain|CaltrainClipperFailure].
* I [made some baby food and took some pictures|BabyFoodCook]!
* Why are [old toys better than new ones|OldToysAreBetter]?
* Thanks for [making my child cry|EtradeYouSuck], E*TRADE.
* Ever had an [ocular migraine|OcularMigraine]? It's pretty freaky.
* How to survive [having a baby in the city|BigCityBaby].
* OlderGeneralInterest

!!Geek Stuff

* [Used cable modems|UsedCableModemProblem] may not work if you switch
* Let's do an [SRE Coding Screen|MockSreCodingScreen] together!
* My [[WiiHackingGuide|Complete Guide To Hacking Your Nintendo Wii]].
* Automating my [[RokuM500Automation|15 year old Roku Streaming Music
* My thoughts on [Hue and Zigbee Home Automation|HueZigbee].
* Hacking the [lights on my Ford Transit
* Securing Apache, Dovecot, and Sendmail with [Let's
* [Monitoring Artifactory with JMX and Datadog|ArtifactoryDataDog].
* How to always [launch screen when you ssh in to a
* How to make a java app work with [self signed certificates and
* Bundler actually does [have a timeout|BundlerTimeoutSetting].
* Setting up the [Dahua IPC-HFW4300s camera|Dahua4300sCamera].
* How Outsiders [perceive the devops movement|DevopsPerceptions].
* The question is [who does your deployments|WhoDoesDeployments]?
* Ugly Solutions [Need Love Too|UglySolutionsNeedLoveToo].
* Let me tell you about [the Awesome List|TheAwesomeList].
* Devops is here [whether you like it or
* I'm a [terrible windows administrator|FakingItAsAWindowsAdmin].
* Send your command-line data [as mime parts with
* Instructions for [installing Request Tracker 4 on CentOS
* How do you make sure something doesn't execute on 10,000 servers all
at once? [Spread the load|ServerLoadSpreading] on your servers.
* OlderGeekStuff

<a rel="me" href="">Mastodon
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