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-* What is a [[Help :WikiWikiWeb |WikiWikiWeb ]]? A description of this application .  
-* Learn [[Help:HowToUseWiki |HowToUseWiki ]] and learn about [[Help:AddingPages |AddingPages ]].  
-* Use the [[SandBox ]] page to experiment with Wiki pages .  
-* Please sign your name in [[RecentVisitors ]].  
-* See [[RecentChanges ]] for the latest page additions and changes .  
-* Find out which pages are [[MostPopular] ].  
-* Read the [[ReleaseNotes ]] and [[RecentReleases] ].  
-* Administer this wiki via [[PhpWikiAdministration ]].  
-* See more [ [:PhpWikiDocumentation ]]. 
+!!!Welcome to www.hollenback.net: This Thing's Been Up For [Over Ten Years|http://replay.waybackmachine.org/20010708213010/http://www.hollenback.net/]!  
+ * __02/24/12__: Moved to my own VPS and upgraded to latest phpwiki with a new theme.  
+* __03/03/11__: Be sure to check out the articles below, I've been writing a lot of blog posts over the last few months.  
+* __12/27/10__: Survived another insane year. Highlights: another baby boy (healthy & happy), [wrote & presented a paper at a technical conference|http ://www.usenix.org/events/lisa10/tech/].  
+* __01/20/10__: I finally got my followup to [Big City Baby |BigCityBaby ] written - [Big City Toddler|BigCityToddler ]!  
+* OlderUpdates  
+!!General Interest  
+* The [Glory of My Walk to the Store Last Night|LetMeTellYouAboutMyTripToTheStore] .  
+* Guess what? I [suck at Caltrain|CaltrainClipperFailure].  
+* I [made some baby food and took some pictures |BabyFoodCook ]!  
+* Why are [old toys better than new ones|OldToysAreBetter ]?  
+* Thanks for [making my child cry|EtradeYouSuck], E*TRADE.  
+* Ever had an [ocular migraine |OcularMigraine ]? It's pretty freaky.  
+* How to survive [having a baby in the city|BigCityBaby ].  
+* Three [great music blogs|MusicBlogs].  
+* We survived the [blackout of 2003|EastCoastBlackout]!  
+* You might enjoy my notes about the [experience of moving to New York City|NewYorkNotes ].  
+* OlderGeneralInterest  
+!!Geek Stuff  
+* How Outsiders [perceive the devops movement|DevopsPerceptions ].  
+* The question is [who does your deployments|WhoDoesDeployments]?  
+* Ugly Solutions [Need Love Too|UglySolutionsNeedLoveToo].  
+* Let me tell you about [the Awesome List|TheAwesomeList ].  
+* Devops is here [whether you like it or not|DevopsIsHereWhetherYouLikeItOrNot ].  
+* I'm a [terrible windows administrator|FakingItAsAWindowsAdmin ].  
+* Send your command-line data [as mime parts with perl|SendMimeWithPerl ].  
+* Instructions for [installing Request Tracker 4 on CentOS 5|RequestTrackerOnCentos5 ].  
+* How do you make sure something doesn't execute on 10,000 servers all at once? [Spread the load|ServerLoadSpreading ] on your servers .  
+* I say that ~Devops means [Don't be an A-Hole|DevOpsMeansDontBeAnAhole]  
+* I had the honor of taking part in a [Software Packaging Panel|DevopsDaysPackagingPanel ] at [Devopsdays 2011|http://devopsdays.org/events/2011-mountainview/DevopsDays2011 ].  
+* I presented a [BayLISA|http ://www.baylisa.org ] talk about [Release Management|BayLisaReleaseManagement ].  
+* My brain dump about [web hosting vs VPS providers|WebHostingOptions].  
+* OlderGeekStuff  

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Welcome to www.hollenback.net: This Thing's Been Up For Over Ten Years!


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