I'm an Eagle Scout. I recently received an email from Shawn McNally, who was a scout with me in troop 33.

He included a picture taken on one of our many camping expeditions. This was taken at the camp near Anaconda, MT during one of the Camporees.

Camporees are the big camping trips where multiple troops meet in one location. They are held three times a year (fall, winter, and spring). Each troop competes to create the most impressive site, which why we had the elaborate wooden entrace. It was also a good way for us to practice our knot-tying and lashing skills.

Can you find me in the picture? Forward for the answer.

update 6/10/03: I just got an email from Mike Stolp, one of the boys of troop 33. He says that he is the one with his hand on the trophy.

Mike's married and has 3 kids. When did we all get so old?

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