From: Phil
To: Emre

Hi Emre,

I finally caught this movie this weekend (cause it was on the Starz Cinema channel). I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it.

I felt is was a solid anime movie and I enjoyed it. In particular the characters were well-acted and the music was really well done.

The vehicles and net-integrated display stuff was pretty cool. Also the 'thermo-optic' camoflage was a nice twist.


Didn't really break any new ground - once again it's that 'computers taking over the world and merging with humans (with optional tentacle porn)' plot that the Japanese seem so fond of.

Very slow pacing in parts. In particular, there's one overly-extended scene where somebody is on a ferry crusing down this canal, then the cyborg girl Major sees the person and it's her (or something...). That was like 5 minutes wasted.

So basically I kind of felt like I was watching an ok remake of Akira.

Your thoughts? P.

I just realized that most of this review would apply equally well to Metropolis (the recent anime one, not the 1920s one). Plus there was a lot of tentacle porn in that movie.


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