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-!!!Welcome to www.hollenback.net: This Thing's Been Up For Almost [Twenty Years|https://web.archive.org/web/20010708213010/http://www.hollenback.net/]! 
+!!!Welcome to www.hollenback.net: This Thing's Been Up For Over [Twenty Years|https://web.archive.org/web/20010708213010/http://www.hollenback.net/]! 
 * __11/08/22__: Oh look I'm on [[https://hachyderm.io/@philiph|Mastodon]] now. 

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Welcome to www.hollenback.net: This Thing's Been Up For Over Twenty Years!


  • 11/08/22: Oh look I'm on Mastodon now.
  • 04/16/20: I hope everyone is doing ok during the current coronavirus pandemic.
  • 05/08/19: I'm not dead yet!
  • 03/19/16: Hey there, just wanted to say that this website is still going strong. Check out some of my recent pages.
  • 12/15/15: I just wanted to mention that Nethack 3.6.0 has been released.
  • 10/14/15: Finally upgraded phpwiki and made this website semi functional again.
  • 02/24/12: Moved to my own VPS and upgraded to latest phpwiki with a new theme.
  • 03/03/11: Be sure to check out the articles below, I've been writing a lot of blog posts over the last few months.
  • 12/27/10: Survived another insane year. Highlights: another baby boy (healthy & happy), wrote & presented a paper at a technical conference.
  • 01/20/10: I finally got my followup to Big City Baby written - Big City Toddler!
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