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 #Conversely, the lift decreases the farther apart the plates are. 
 #Playing with high voltage is fun. 
 #Corona tastes good with Lime. 
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JJ and I enjoy a cold Corona in celebration of our success.

Some lifter links:

Main site

What NASA thinks

Our Conclusions:

#The lifter effect is real and repeatable. #The effect is ion wind, not antigravity. #Weight of the lifter device is very important - it must be as light as possible. #Scraping the positive wire is critical for lift. #Arcing between the positive and negative capacitor plates occurs with less than 3.5 cm of separation. #Conversely, the lift decreases the farther apart the plates are. #Playing with high voltage is fun. #Corona tastes good with Lime.

The end of the LifterExperiment.


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