I'm MattJhsn.

Before today, Wed Apr 10 2019, I last edited this page on February 9, 2008. That was 4078 days ago, some time in my mind. How's everyone doing? Alrighty then.

my uname -a is: Linux T410 4.15.0-47-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP Wed Mar 13 10:40:37 UTC 2019 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

This is my first (ever) Wiki post. Wow.

I'm a dude that long ago followed in Phil's footsteps and set up a PHP Wiki with pmwiki that has fallen into the bit-bucket of eternity.

I like to to remember PortNumbers.

This page was the number one in rank in a Google Search of my name. Weird, Eh?

Matt's recent internet activity is posted here or

Matt has started and closed a blog.[broken link] The blog was at[broken link] and this[broken link] was the RSS feed.

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