News Flash: I'm experimenting with using to organize and share my links. I like it a lot.


You should be using bloglines to organize all your news in one place.
News For Nerds: slashdot
Where to go for the best sites: memepool
Straight up news: the onion

I just found WebExhibits, which contains several very high-quality discussions on topics such as the history of Daylight Savings Time and the causes of color.

Komputer & Tek Linx

A weekly summary of the linux kernel mailing list: Kernel Traffic
How about an indestructible microprocessor you could use instead of a smarcard?
Super-strong magnets for cheap.

Literature / Art

The great thing about having your own web site is you get to put whatever the hell you want there. --phil, 2001.

Phil's Flickr photostream - an interesting place to post photos that I'm experimenting with. - eerily similar to my website, perhaps. - toons and such.
McSweeney's. Bonus points if you find this one funny.
Industry! - Pictures of abandoned industrial sites in Europe.
weeeeeeeeeee! seems like a cool photo-based alternative to textual weblogs.

Bored at your job? Depressed about Iraq? Try get your war on for some possible relief.


Construct an origami paper cd case and store your mix cd in it. I use this for all my CDs.
Search for jobs/housing/fun in the New York area on craigslist.
You can actually request your FICO score. This numerical rating is pretty much the only thing lenders look at when determining if you qualify for a loan.
View satellite tracking around the Earth in real time with JTrack 3D, an actual useful Java applet.
Cool Tools you might need.
Obliterating Animal Carcasses with Explosives - a useful field guide. Use bloglines to blend all your blog and news reading into one big creamy mess. Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed.
Send an email to capeclear with google search terms in the subject line. You'll get the results back from Google formatted as a regular text email. Maybe a cool way to search the web if you don't have a web browser?


(try some random google and see what you find)
(some of these are extrememly offensive, you have been warned)

Why do people write online diaries?
I dare you to determine the meaning of this page
Cartoons based on user-contributed ideas.
The worst web site ever, which I found by typing in random urls.
Ever thought of ordering 100 pounds of silly putty?
Perhaps you have not considered the Transformers and He-Man in quite some time. Rejoice, for others have taken up the slack.
You're in the land of the little people now. Oh, wait, I meant straight on til morning!
God smote somebody.
Eric Crapton!


Vince writes about all things informational and libraritanical. I made one of those words up.
Low on goth? Try Anne.
Ron Record is an interesting fellow I used to work with back in my SCO days.
Ken Bowen has plenty of interesting things to say.
Same goes for Jeff Jones, but he needs to actually put those things on the internet.
Steve is a good friend and a good writer to boot.


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