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 To keep my homepage shorter, I've moved some of my older geek links to this page. 
+* How to solve the problem of [poor RSS feeds from wikis|WikiRssFeedIssues].  
+* A random proposal for a [twitter resource identifer|TwitterResourceIdentifer] (TRI).  
+* Is it possible to bring [DevOps to a large organization|DevOpsBlocker]?  
+* Please don't use [mkdir -p in install scripts|MkdirDashPConsideredHarmful].  
+* I use a wiki instead of a blog [and that's ok|WikisAreSuperForBlogging].  
+* Wikis I [hate every one of you collectively & individually|WikisYouHaveFailedMeMiserably].  
+* Here's a [perl script bug|PerlLoopIncrement] that got me thinking.  
+* Debugging a [weird hung network connection problem|DenyHostsWentBad].  
+* Calculating logfile timestamp offsets with [emacs org-mode|EmacsOrgTimestamps].  
+* Wondering about [emails from 1969|ImpossibleEmailDates]?  
+* The programmng exercise known as FizzBuzz.  
+* How to deal with the [dovecot X-UID bug|DovecotXuidBug].  
+* Tips on [upgrading your Linksys Wireless router to open source|LinksysWrt54GlUpgradeToDdWrt].  
+* How to [migrate filesystems to a raid array using LVM|RaidLvmMigrate].  
+* How to [back up your amazon wishlist to a text file|AmazonWishListTextBackup].  
 * Some tips on [converting movies taken with Lumix cameras|LumixMovieConversion]. 
 * [iLo vs. IPMI|iLoIpmiComparison] - 15 minute comparison of two different remote server management mechanisms. 
 * Dial phone numbers in ~SkypeOut [directly from your Mac Address Book|MacAddressBookSkypeOut]. 
 * Notes on [setting up my Mac PowerBook|MacSoftware] 

version 2

To keep my homepage shorter, I've moved some of my older geek links to this page.

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