Here's a view of the same yard, some twenty years earlier. I'm mowing.


Just a note here: Life in Jens, Mt. at the Hollenback home had a lot more dimension than is included in pictures of our "shack". This is in a high mountain valley, we were surrounded by hills and woods, used mainly by the elk population. Phil was about 4 when we moved there, and had a sister who was 1 1/2. They enjoyed the outdoors and spaces there. We packed our lunches, walked up the hills, played by the river, really had unique surroundings. Winter was beautiful, untouched snow to enjoy, sled in or roll in. Later 2 more little girls were born. Phil always was interested in the animals and plants there. We had a cousin who kept us supplied with school materials, so he had an early start there, always enjoyed working at his lessons. Mom even had a name, it's Debby.

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