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 (last updated 2007-02-15) 
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 (*) It is only appropriate to use these values in explicitly- 
  configured experiments; they MUST NOT be shipped as defaults in 
  implementations. See RFC 3692 for details. 
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 ! ...and skip ports from 1024 to 49151 due to size limits. 
 The Dynamic and/or Private Ports are those from 49152 through 65535 
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 [RFC4712] A. Siddiqui, D. Romascanu, E. Golovinsky, M. Rahman and Y. Kim, 
  "Transport Mappings for Real-time Application Quality of Service 
  Monitoring (RAQMON) Protocol Data Unit (PDU)", RFC 4712, October 2006. 
- </pre
 ! Hey, now that was fun. 

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(last updated 2007-02-15)

The port numbers are divided into three ranges: the Well Known Ports,
the Registered Ports, and the Dynamic and/or Private Ports.

The Well Known Ports are those from 0 through 1023.

DCCP Well Known ports SHOULD NOT be used without IANA registration.
The registration procedure is defined in [RFC4340], Section 19.9.

The Registered Ports are those from 1024 through 49151

DCCP Registered ports SHOULD NOT be used without IANA registration.
The registration procedure is defined in [RFC4340], Section 19.9.

The Dynamic and/or Private Ports are those from 49152 through 65535

* PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:                                           *
*                                                                      *
* IESG STATEMENT TO THE IANA                                           *
*                                                                      *
*                                                                      *
* REGISTERED OR NOT.                                                   *


The Well Known Ports are assigned by the IANA and on most systems can
only be used by system (or root) processes or by programs executed by
privileged users.

Ports are used in the TCP [RFC793] to name the ends of logical
connections which carry long term conversations.  For the purpose of
providing services to unknown callers, a service contact port is
defined.  This list specifies the port used by the server process as
its contact port.  The contact port is sometimes called the
"well-known port".

To the extent possible, these same port assignments are used with the
UDP [RFC768].

The range for assigned ports managed by the IANA is 0-1023.

Port Assignments:

Keyword         Decimal    Description                     References
-------         -------    -----------                     ----------
                  0/tcp    Reserved
                  0/udp    Reserved
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
tcpmux            1/tcp    TCP Port Service Multiplexer
tcpmux            1/udp    TCP Port Service Multiplexer
#                          Mark Lottor <[email protected]>
compressnet       2/tcp    Management Utility
compressnet       2/udp    Management Utility
compressnet       3/tcp    Compression Process
compressnet       3/udp    Compression Process
#                          Bernie Volz <[email protected]>
#                 4/tcp    Unassigned
#                 4/udp    Unassigned
rje               5/tcp    Remote Job Entry
rje               5/udp    Remote Job Entry
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
#                 6/tcp    Unassigned
#                 6/udp    Unassigned
echo              7/tcp    Echo
echo              7/udp    Echo
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
#                 8/tcp    Unassigned
#                 8/udp    Unassigned
discard           9/tcp    Discard
discard           9/udp    Discard
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
discard           9/dccp   Discard SC:DISC
#                          IETF dccp WG, Eddie Kohler <[email protected]>, [RFC4340]
#                10/tcp    Unassigned
#                10/udp    Unassigned
systat           11/tcp    Active Users
systat           11/udp    Active Users
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
#                12/tcp    Unassigned
#                12/udp    Unassigned
daytime          13/tcp    Daytime (RFC 867)
daytime          13/udp    Daytime (RFC 867)
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
#                14/tcp    Unassigned
#                14/udp    Unassigned
#                15/tcp    Unassigned [was netstat]
#                15/udp    Unassigned
#                16/tcp    Unassigned
#                16/udp    Unassigned
qotd             17/tcp    Quote of the Day
qotd             17/udp    Quote of the Day
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
msp              18/tcp    Message Send Protocol
msp              18/udp    Message Send Protocol
#                          Rina Nethaniel <---none--->
chargen          19/tcp    Character Generator
chargen          19/udp    Character Generator
ftp-data         20/tcp    File Transfer [Default Data]
ftp-data         20/udp    File Transfer [Default Data]
ftp              21/tcp    File Transfer [Control]
ftp              21/udp    File Transfer [Control]
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
ssh              22/tcp    SSH Remote Login Protocol
ssh              22/udp    SSH Remote Login Protocol
#                          Tatu Ylonen <[email protected]>
telnet           23/tcp    Telnet
telnet           23/udp    Telnet
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
                 24/tcp    any private mail system
                 24/udp    any private mail system
#                          Rick Adams <[email protected]>
smtp             25/tcp    Simple Mail Transfer
smtp             25/udp    Simple Mail Transfer
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
#                26/tcp    Unassigned
#                26/udp    Unassigned
nsw-fe           27/tcp    NSW User System FE
nsw-fe           27/udp    NSW User System FE
#                          Robert Thomas <[email protected]>
#                28/tcp    Unassigned
#                28/udp    Unassigned
msg-icp          29/tcp    MSG ICP
msg-icp          29/udp    MSG ICP
#                          Robert Thomas <[email protected]>
#                30/tcp    Unassigned
#                30/udp    Unassigned
msg-auth         31/tcp    MSG Authentication
msg-auth         31/udp    MSG Authentication
#                          Robert Thomas <[email protected]>
#                32/tcp    Unassigned
#                32/udp    Unassigned
dsp              33/tcp    Display Support Protocol
dsp              33/udp    Display Support Protocol
#                          Ed Cain <[email protected]>
#                34/tcp    Unassigned
#                34/udp    Unassigned
                 35/tcp    any private printer server
                 35/udp    any private printer server
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
#                36/tcp    Unassigned
#                36/udp    Unassigned
time             37/tcp    Time
time             37/udp    Time
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
rap              38/tcp    Route Access Protocol
rap              38/udp    Route Access Protocol
#                          Robert Ullmann <[email protected]>
rlp              39/tcp    Resource Location Protocol
rlp              39/udp    Resource Location Protocol
#                          Mike Accetta <[email protected]>
#                40/tcp    Unassigned
#                40/udp    Unassigned
graphics         41/tcp    Graphics
graphics         41/udp    Graphics
name             42/tcp    Host Name Server
name             42/udp    Host Name Server
nameserver       42/tcp    Host Name Server
nameserver       42/udp    Host Name Server
nicname          43/tcp    Who Is
nicname          43/udp    Who Is
mpm-flags        44/tcp    MPM FLAGS Protocol
mpm-flags        44/udp    MPM FLAGS Protocol
mpm              45/tcp    Message Processing Module [recv]
mpm              45/udp    Message Processing Module [recv]
mpm-snd          46/tcp    MPM [default send]
mpm-snd          46/udp    MPM [default send]
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
ni-ftp           47/tcp    NI FTP
ni-ftp           47/udp    NI FTP
#                          Steve Kille <[email protected]>
auditd           48/tcp    Digital Audit Daemon
auditd           48/udp    Digital Audit Daemon
#                          Larry Scott <[email protected]>
tacacs           49/tcp    Login Host Protocol (TACACS)
tacacs           49/udp    Login Host Protocol (TACACS)
#                          Pieter Ditmars <[email protected]>
re-mail-ck       50/tcp    Remote Mail Checking Protocol
re-mail-ck       50/udp    Remote Mail Checking Protocol
#                          Steve Dorner <[email protected]>
la-maint         51/tcp    IMP Logical Address Maintenance
la-maint         51/udp    IMP Logical Address Maintenance
#                          Andy Malis <[email protected]>
xns-time         52/tcp    XNS Time Protocol
xns-time         52/udp    XNS Time Protocol
#                          Susie Armstrong <Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX>
domain           53/tcp    Domain Name Server
domain           53/udp    Domain Name Server
#                          Paul Mockapetris <[email protected]>
xns-ch           54/tcp    XNS Clearinghouse
xns-ch           54/udp    XNS Clearinghouse
#                          Susie Armstrong <Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX>
isi-gl           55/tcp    ISI Graphics Language
isi-gl           55/udp    ISI Graphics Language
xns-auth         56/tcp    XNS Authentication
xns-auth         56/udp    XNS Authentication
#                          Susie Armstrong <Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX>
                 57/tcp    any private terminal access
                 57/udp    any private terminal access
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
xns-mail         58/tcp    XNS Mail
xns-mail         58/udp    XNS Mail
#                          Susie Armstrong <Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX>
                 59/tcp    any private file service
                 59/udp    any private file service
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
                 60/tcp    Unassigned
                 60/udp    Unassigned
ni-mail          61/tcp    NI MAIL
ni-mail          61/udp    NI MAIL
#                          Steve Kille <[email protected]>
acas             62/tcp    ACA Services
acas             62/udp    ACA Services
#                          E. Wald <[email protected]>
whois++          63/tcp    whois++
whois++          63/udp    whois++
#                          Rickard Schoultz <[email protected]>
covia            64/tcp    Communications Integrator (CI)
covia            64/udp    Communications Integrator (CI)
#                          Dan Smith <[email protected]>
tacacs-ds        65/tcp    TACACS-Database Service
tacacs-ds        65/udp    TACACS-Database Service
#                          Kathy Huber <[email protected]>
sql*net          66/tcp    Oracle SQL*NET
sql*net          66/udp    Oracle SQL*NET
#                          Jack Haverty <[email protected]>
bootps           67/tcp    Bootstrap Protocol Server
bootps           67/udp    Bootstrap Protocol Server
bootpc           68/tcp    Bootstrap Protocol Client
bootpc           68/udp    Bootstrap Protocol Client
#                          Bill Croft <[email protected]>
tftp             69/tcp    Trivial File Transfer
tftp             69/udp    Trivial File Transfer
#                          David Clark <[email protected]>
gopher           70/tcp    Gopher
gopher           70/udp    Gopher
#                          Mark McCahill <[email protected]>
netrjs-1         71/tcp    Remote Job Service
netrjs-1         71/udp    Remote Job Service
netrjs-2         72/tcp    Remote Job Service
netrjs-2         72/udp    Remote Job Service
netrjs-3         73/tcp    Remote Job Service
netrjs-3         73/udp    Remote Job Service
netrjs-4         74/tcp    Remote Job Service
netrjs-4         74/udp    Remote Job Service
#                          Bob Braden <[email protected]>
                 75/tcp    any private dial out service
                 75/udp    any private dial out service
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
deos             76/tcp    Distributed External Object Store
deos             76/udp    Distributed External Object Store
#                          Robert Ullmann <[email protected]>
                 77/tcp    any private RJE service
                 77/udp    any private RJE service
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
vettcp           78/tcp    vettcp
vettcp           78/udp    vettcp
#                          Christopher Leong <[email protected]>
finger           79/tcp    Finger
finger           79/udp    Finger
#                          David Zimmerman <[email protected]>
http             80/tcp    World Wide Web HTTP
http             80/udp    World Wide Web HTTP
www              80/tcp    World Wide Web HTTP
www              80/udp    World Wide Web HTTP
www-http         80/tcp    World Wide Web HTTP
www-http         80/udp    World Wide Web HTTP
#                          Tim Berners-Lee <[email protected]>
hosts2-ns        81/tcp    HOSTS2 Name Server
hosts2-ns        81/udp    HOSTS2 Name Server
#                          Earl Killian <[email protected]>
xfer             82/tcp    XFER Utility
xfer             82/udp    XFER Utility
#                          Thomas M. Smith <[email protected]>
mit-ml-dev       83/tcp    MIT ML Device
mit-ml-dev       83/udp    MIT ML Device
#                          David Reed <--none--->
ctf              84/tcp    Common Trace Facility
ctf              84/udp    Common Trace Facility
#                          Hugh Thomas <[email protected]>
mit-ml-dev       85/tcp    MIT ML Device
mit-ml-dev       85/udp    MIT ML Device
#                          David Reed <--none--->
mfcobol          86/tcp    Micro Focus Cobol
mfcobol          86/udp    Micro Focus Cobol
#                          Simon Edwards <--none--->
                 87/tcp    any private terminal link
                 87/udp    any private terminal link
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
kerberos         88/tcp    Kerberos
kerberos         88/udp    Kerberos
#                          B. Clifford Neuman <[email protected]>
su-mit-tg        89/tcp    SU/MIT Telnet Gateway
su-mit-tg        89/udp    SU/MIT Telnet Gateway
#                          Mark Crispin <[email protected]>
########### PORT 90 also being used unofficially by Pointcast #########
dnsix            90/tcp    DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map
dnsix            90/udp    DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map
#                          Charles Watt <[email protected]>
mit-dov          91/tcp    MIT Dover Spooler
mit-dov          91/udp    MIT Dover Spooler
#                          Eliot Moss <[email protected]>
npp              92/tcp    Network Printing Protocol
npp              92/udp    Network Printing Protocol
#                          Louis Mamakos <[email protected]>
dcp              93/tcp    Device Control Protocol
dcp              93/udp    Device Control Protocol
#                          Daniel Tappan <[email protected]>
objcall          94/tcp    Tivoli Object Dispatcher
objcall          94/udp    Tivoli Object Dispatcher
#                          Tom Bereiter <--none--->
supdup           95/tcp    SUPDUP
supdup           95/udp    SUPDUP
#                          Mark Crispin <[email protected]>
dixie            96/tcp    DIXIE Protocol Specification
dixie            96/udp    DIXIE Protocol Specification
#                Tim Howes <[email protected]>
swift-rvf        97/tcp    Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol
swift-rvf        97/udp    Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol
#                          Maurice R. Turcotte
#                <mailrus!uflorida!rm1!dnmrt%[email protected]>
tacnews          98/tcp    TAC News
tacnews          98/udp    TAC News
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
metagram         99/tcp    Metagram Relay
metagram         99/udp    Metagram Relay
#                          Geoff Goodfellow <[email protected]>
newacct         100/tcp    [unauthorized use]
hostname        101/tcp    NIC Host Name Server
hostname        101/udp    NIC Host Name Server
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
iso-tsap        102/tcp    ISO-TSAP Class 0
iso-tsap        102/udp    ISO-TSAP Class 0
#                          Marshall Rose <[email protected]>
gppitnp         103/tcp    Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net
gppitnp         103/udp    Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net
acr-nema        104/tcp    ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300
acr-nema        104/udp    ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300
#                          Patrick McNamee <--none--->
cso             105/tcp    CCSO name server protocol
cso             105/udp    CCSO name server protocol
#                          Martin Hamilton <[email protected]>
csnet-ns        105/tcp    Mailbox Name Nameserver
csnet-ns        105/udp    Mailbox Name Nameserver
#                          Marvin Solomon <[email protected]>
3com-tsmux      106/tcp    3COM-TSMUX
3com-tsmux      106/udp    3COM-TSMUX
#                          Jeremy Siegel <[email protected]>
##########      106        Unauthorized use by insecure poppassd protocol
rtelnet         107/tcp    Remote Telnet Service
rtelnet         107/udp    Remote Telnet Service
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
snagas          108/tcp    SNA Gateway Access Server
snagas          108/udp    SNA Gateway Access Server
#                          Kevin Murphy <[email protected]>
pop2            109/tcp    Post Office Protocol - Version 2
pop2            109/udp    Post Office Protocol - Version 2
#                          Joyce K. Reynolds <[email protected]>
pop3            110/tcp    Post Office Protocol - Version 3
pop3            110/udp    Post Office Protocol - Version 3
#                          Marshall Rose <[email protected]>
sunrpc          111/tcp    SUN Remote Procedure Call
sunrpc          111/udp    SUN Remote Procedure Call
#                          Chuck McManis <[email protected]>
mcidas          112/tcp    McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol
mcidas          112/udp    McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol
#                          Glenn Davis <[email protected]>
ident           113/tcp
auth            113/tcp    Authentication Service
auth            113/udp    Authentication Service
#                          Mike St. Johns <[email protected]>
#               114        Deprecated June 2004
sftp            115/tcp    Simple File Transfer Protocol
sftp            115/udp    Simple File Transfer Protocol
#                          Mark Lottor <[email protected]>
ansanotify      116/tcp    ANSA REX Notify
ansanotify      116/udp    ANSA REX Notify
#                          Nicola J. Howarth <[email protected]>
uucp-path       117/tcp    UUCP Path Service
uucp-path       117/udp    UUCP Path Service
sqlserv         118/tcp    SQL Services
sqlserv         118/udp    SQL Services
#                          Larry Barnes <[email protected]>
nntp            119/tcp    Network News Transfer Protocol
nntp            119/udp    Network News Transfer Protocol
#                          Phil Lapsley <[email protected]>
cfdptkt         120/tcp    CFDPTKT
cfdptkt         120/udp    CFDPTKT
#                          John Ioannidis <[email protected]>
erpc            121/tcp    Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
erpc            121/udp    Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
#                          Jack O'Neil <---none--->
smakynet        122/tcp    SMAKYNET
smakynet        122/udp    SMAKYNET
#                          Pierre Arnaud <[email protected]>
ntp             123/tcp    Network Time Protocol
ntp             123/udp    Network Time Protocol
#                          Dave Mills <[email protected]>
ansatrader      124/tcp    ANSA REX Trader
ansatrader      124/udp    ANSA REX Trader
#                          Nicola J. Howarth <[email protected]>
locus-map       125/tcp    Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser
locus-map       125/udp    Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser
#                          Eric Peterson <[email protected]>
nxedit          126/tcp    NXEdit
nxedit          126/udp    NXEdit
#                          Don Payette <[email protected]>
###########Port 126 Previously assigned to application below#######
#unitary         126/tcp    Unisys Unitary Login
#unitary         126/udp    Unisys Unitary Login
#                          <[email protected]>
###########Port 126 Previously assigned to application above#######
locus-con       127/tcp    Locus PC-Interface Conn Server
locus-con       127/udp    Locus PC-Interface Conn Server
#                          Eric Peterson <[email protected]>
gss-xlicen      128/tcp    GSS X License Verification
gss-xlicen      128/udp    GSS X License Verification
#                          John Light <[email protected]>
pwdgen          129/tcp    Password Generator Protocol
pwdgen          129/udp    Password Generator Protocol
#                          Frank J. Wacho <[email protected]>
cisco-fna       130/tcp    cisco FNATIVE
cisco-fna       130/udp    cisco FNATIVE
cisco-tna       131/tcp    cisco TNATIVE
cisco-tna       131/udp    cisco TNATIVE
cisco-sys       132/tcp    cisco SYSMAINT
cisco-sys       132/udp    cisco SYSMAINT
statsrv         133/tcp    Statistics Service
statsrv         133/udp    Statistics Service
#                          Dave Mills <[email protected]>
ingres-net      134/tcp    INGRES-NET Service
ingres-net      134/udp    INGRES-NET Service
#                          Mike Berrow <---none--->
epmap           135/tcp    DCE endpoint resolution
epmap           135/udp    DCE endpoint resolution
#                          Joe Pato <[email protected]>
profile         136/tcp    PROFILE Naming System
profile         136/udp    PROFILE Naming System
#                          Larry Peterson <[email protected]>
netbios-ns      137/tcp    NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-ns      137/udp    NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-dgm     138/tcp    NETBIOS Datagram Service
netbios-dgm     138/udp    NETBIOS Datagram Service
netbios-ssn     139/tcp    NETBIOS Session Service
netbios-ssn     139/udp    NETBIOS Session Service
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
emfis-data      140/tcp    EMFIS Data Service
emfis-data      140/udp    EMFIS Data Service
emfis-cntl      141/tcp    EMFIS Control Service
emfis-cntl      141/udp    EMFIS Control Service
#                          Gerd Beling <[email protected]>
bl-idm          142/tcp    Britton-Lee IDM
bl-idm          142/udp    Britton-Lee IDM
#                          Susie Snitzer <---none--->
imap            143/tcp    Internet Message Access Protocol
imap            143/udp    Internet Message Access Protocol
#                          Mark Crispin <[email protected]>
uma             144/tcp    Universal Management Architecture
uma             144/udp    Universal Management Architecture
#                          Jay Whitney <[email protected]>
uaac            145/tcp    UAAC Protocol
uaac            145/udp    UAAC Protocol
#                          David A. Gomberg <[email protected]>
iso-tp0         146/tcp    ISO-IP0
iso-tp0         146/udp    ISO-IP0
iso-ip          147/tcp    ISO-IP
iso-ip          147/udp    ISO-IP
#                          Marshall Rose <[email protected]>
jargon          148/tcp    Jargon
jargon          148/udp    Jargon
#                          Bill Weinman <[email protected]>
aed-512         149/tcp    AED 512 Emulation Service
aed-512         149/udp    AED 512 Emulation Service
#                          Albert G. Broscius <[email protected]>
sql-net         150/tcp    SQL-NET
sql-net         150/udp    SQL-NET
#                          Martin Picard <<---none--->
hems            151/tcp    HEMS
hems            151/udp    HEMS
bftp            152/tcp    Background File Transfer Program
bftp            152/udp    Background File Transfer Program
#                          Annette DeSchon <[email protected]>
sgmp            153/tcp    SGMP
sgmp            153/udp    SGMP
#                          Marty Schoffstahl <[email protected]>
netsc-prod      154/tcp    NETSC
netsc-prod      154/udp    NETSC
netsc-dev       155/tcp    NETSC
netsc-dev       155/udp    NETSC
#                          Sergio Heker <[email protected]>
sqlsrv          156/tcp    SQL Service
sqlsrv          156/udp    SQL Service
#                          Craig Rogers <[email protected]>
knet-cmp        157/tcp    KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol
knet-cmp        157/udp    KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol
#                          Gary S. Malkin <[email protected]>
pcmail-srv      158/tcp    PCMail Server
pcmail-srv      158/udp    PCMail Server
#                          Mark L. Lambert <[email protected]>
nss-routing     159/tcp    NSS-Routing
nss-routing     159/udp    NSS-Routing
#                          Yakov Rekhter <[email protected]>
sgmp-traps      160/tcp    SGMP-TRAPS
sgmp-traps      160/udp    SGMP-TRAPS
#                          Marty Schoffstahl <[email protected]>
snmp            161/tcp    SNMP
snmp            161/udp    SNMP
snmptrap        162/tcp    SNMPTRAP
snmptrap        162/udp    SNMPTRAP
#                          Marshall Rose <[email protected]>
cmip-man        163/tcp    CMIP/TCP Manager
cmip-man        163/udp    CMIP/TCP Manager
cmip-agent      164/tcp    CMIP/TCP Agent
cmip-agent      164/udp    CMIP/TCP Agent
#                          Amatzia Ben-Artzi <---none--->
xns-courier     165/tcp    Xerox
xns-courier     165/udp    Xerox
#                          Susie Armstrong <[email protected]>
s-net           166/tcp    Sirius Systems
s-net           166/udp    Sirius Systems
#                          Brian Lloyd <[email protected]>
namp            167/tcp    NAMP
namp            167/udp    NAMP
#                          Marty Schoffstahl <[email protected]>
rsvd            168/tcp    RSVD
rsvd            168/udp    RSVD
#                          Neil Todd <[email protected]>
send            169/tcp    SEND
send            169/udp    SEND
#                          William D. Wisner <[email protected]>
print-srv       170/tcp    Network PostScript
print-srv       170/udp    Network PostScript
#                          Brian Reid <[email protected]>
multiplex       171/tcp    Network Innovations Multiplex
multiplex       171/udp    Network Innovations Multiplex
cl/1            172/tcp    Network Innovations CL/1
cl/1            172/udp    Network Innovations CL/1
#                          Kevin DeVault <<---none--->
xyplex-mux      173/tcp    Xyplex
xyplex-mux      173/udp    Xyplex
#                          Bob Stewart <[email protected]>
mailq           174/tcp    MAILQ
mailq           174/udp    MAILQ
#                          Rayan Zachariassen <[email protected]>
vmnet           175/tcp    VMNET
vmnet           175/udp    VMNET
#                          Christopher Tengi <[email protected]>
genrad-mux      176/tcp    GENRAD-MUX
genrad-mux      176/udp    GENRAD-MUX
#                          Ron Thornton <[email protected]>
xdmcp           177/tcp    X Display Manager Control Protocol
xdmcp           177/udp    X Display Manager Control Protocol
#                          Robert W. Scheifler <[email protected]>
nextstep        178/tcp    NextStep Window Server
nextstep        178/udp    NextStep Window Server
#                          Leo Hourvitz <[email protected]>
bgp             179/tcp    Border Gateway Protocol
bgp             179/udp    Border Gateway Protocol
#                          Kirk Lougheed <[email protected]>
ris             180/tcp    Intergraph
ris             180/udp    Intergraph
#                          Dave Buehmann <[email protected]>
unify           181/tcp    Unify
unify           181/udp    Unify
#                          Mark Ainsley <[email protected]>
audit           182/tcp    Unisys Audit SITP
audit           182/udp    Unisys Audit SITP
#                          Gil Greenbaum <[email protected]>
ocbinder        183/tcp    OCBinder
ocbinder        183/udp    OCBinder
ocserver        184/tcp    OCServer
ocserver        184/udp    OCServer
#                          Jerrilynn Okamura <--none--->
remote-kis      185/tcp    Remote-KIS
remote-kis      185/udp    Remote-KIS
kis             186/tcp    KIS Protocol
kis             186/udp    KIS Protocol
#                          Ralph Droms <[email protected]>
aci             187/tcp    Application Communication Interface
aci             187/udp    Application Communication Interface
#                          Rick Carlos <rick.ticipa.csc.ti.com>
mumps           188/tcp    Plus Five's MUMPS
mumps           188/udp    Plus Five's MUMPS
#                          Hokey Stenn <[email protected]>
qft             189/tcp    Queued File Transport
qft             189/udp    Queued File Transport
#                          Wayne Schroeder <[email protected]>
gacp            190/tcp    Gateway Access Control Protocol
gacp            190/udp    Gateway Access Control Protocol
#                          C. Philip Wood <[email protected]>
prospero        191/tcp    Prospero Directory Service
prospero        191/udp    Prospero Directory Service
#                          B. Clifford Neuman <[email protected]>
osu-nms         192/tcp    OSU Network Monitoring System
osu-nms         192/udp    OSU Network Monitoring System
#                          Doug Karl <[email protected]>
srmp            193/tcp    Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol
srmp            193/udp    Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol
#                          Ted J. Socolofsky <[email protected]>
irc             194/tcp    Internet Relay Chat Protocol
irc             194/udp    Internet Relay Chat Protocol
#                          Jarkko Oikarinen <[email protected]>
dn6-nlm-aud     195/tcp    DNSIX Network Level Module Audit
dn6-nlm-aud     195/udp    DNSIX Network Level Module Audit
dn6-smm-red     196/tcp    DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir
dn6-smm-red     196/udp    DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir
#                          Lawrence Lebahn <[email protected]>
dls             197/tcp    Directory Location Service
dls             197/udp    Directory Location Service
dls-mon         198/tcp    Directory Location Service Monitor
dls-mon         198/udp    Directory Location Service Monitor
#                          Scott Bellew <[email protected]>
smux            199/tcp    SMUX
smux            199/udp    SMUX
#                          Marshall Rose <[email protected]>
src             200/tcp    IBM System Resource Controller
src             200/udp    IBM System Resource Controller
#                          Gerald McBrearty <---none--->
at-rtmp         201/tcp    AppleTalk Routing Maintenance
at-rtmp         201/udp    AppleTalk Routing Maintenance
at-nbp          202/tcp    AppleTalk Name Binding
at-nbp          202/udp    AppleTalk Name Binding
at-3            203/tcp    AppleTalk Unused
at-3            203/udp    AppleTalk Unused
at-echo         204/tcp    AppleTalk Echo
at-echo         204/udp    AppleTalk Echo
at-5            205/tcp    AppleTalk Unused
at-5            205/udp    AppleTalk Unused
at-zis          206/tcp    AppleTalk Zone Information
at-zis          206/udp    AppleTalk Zone Information
at-7            207/tcp    AppleTalk Unused
at-7            207/udp    AppleTalk Unused
at-8            208/tcp    AppleTalk Unused
at-8            208/udp    AppleTalk Unused
#                          Rob Chandhok <[email protected]>
qmtp            209/tcp    The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
qmtp            209/udp    The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
#                          Dan Bernstein <[email protected]>
z39.50          210/tcp    ANSI Z39.50
z39.50          210/udp    ANSI Z39.50
#                          Mark H. Needleman <[email protected]>
914c/g          211/tcp    Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal
914c/g          211/udp    Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal
#                          Bill Harrell <---none--->
anet            212/tcp    ATEXSSTR
anet            212/udp    ATEXSSTR
#                          Jim Taylor <[email protected]>
ipx             213/tcp    IPX
ipx             213/udp    IPX
#                          Don Provan <[email protected]>
vmpwscs         214/tcp    VM PWSCS
vmpwscs         214/udp    VM PWSCS
#                          Dan Shia <[email protected]>
softpc          215/tcp    Insignia Solutions
softpc          215/udp    Insignia Solutions
#                          Martyn Thomas <---none--->
CAIlic          216/tcp    Computer Associates Int'l License Server
CAIlic          216/udp    Computer Associates Int'l License Server
#                          Chuck Spitz <[email protected]>
dbase           217/tcp    dBASE Unix
dbase           217/udp    dBASE Unix
#                          Don Gibson
#            <[email protected]>
mpp             218/tcp    Netix Message Posting Protocol
mpp             218/udp    Netix Message Posting Protocol
#                          Shannon Yeh <[email protected]>
uarps           219/tcp    Unisys ARPs
uarps           219/udp    Unisys ARPs
#                          Ashok Marwaha <---none--->
imap3           220/tcp    Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3
imap3           220/udp    Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3
#                          James Rice <[email protected]>
fln-spx         221/tcp    Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth
fln-spx         221/udp    Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth
rsh-spx         222/tcp    Berkeley rshd with SPX auth
rsh-spx         222/udp    Berkeley rshd with SPX auth
cdc             223/tcp    Certificate Distribution Center
cdc             223/udp    Certificate Distribution Center
#               Kannan Alagappan <[email protected]>
########### Possible Conflict of Port 222 with "Masqdialer"##############
### Contact for Masqdialer is Charles Wright <[email protected]>###
masqdialer      224/tcp    masqdialer
masqdialer      224/udp    masqdialer
#                          Charles Wright <[email protected]>
#               225-241    Reserved
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
direct          242/tcp    Direct
direct          242/udp    Direct
#                          Herb Sutter <[email protected]>
sur-meas        243/tcp    Survey Measurement
sur-meas        243/udp    Survey Measurement
#                          Dave Clark <[email protected]>
inbusiness      244/tcp    inbusiness
inbusiness      244/udp    inbusiness
#                          Derrick Hisatake <[email protected]>
link            245/tcp    LINK
link            245/udp    LINK
dsp3270         246/tcp    Display Systems Protocol
dsp3270         246/udp    Display Systems Protocol
#                          Weldon J. Showalter <[email protected]>
subntbcst_tftp  247/tcp    SUBNTBCST_TFTP
subntbcst_tftp  247/udp    SUBNTBCST_TFTP
#                          John Fake <[email protected]>
bhfhs           248/tcp    bhfhs
bhfhs           248/udp    bhfhs
#                          John Kelly <[email protected]>
#               249-255    Reserved
#                          Jon Postel <[email protected]>
rap             256/tcp    RAP
rap             256/udp    RAP
#                          J.S. Greenfield <[email protected]>
set             257/tcp    Secure Electronic Transaction
set             257/udp    Secure Electronic Transaction
#                          Donald Eastlake <[email protected]>
#               258        Unassigned (Removed 2006-09-13)
esro-gen        259/tcp    Efficient Short Remote Operations
esro-gen        259/udp    Efficient Short Remote Operations
#                          Mohsen Banan <[email protected]>
openport        260/tcp    Openport
openport        260/udp    Openport
#                          John Marland <[email protected]>
nsiiops         261/tcp    IIOP Name Service over TLS/SSL
nsiiops         261/udp    IIOP Name Service over TLS/SSL
#                          Jeff Stewart <[email protected]>
arcisdms        262/tcp    Arcisdms
arcisdms        262/udp    Arcisdms
#                          Russell Crook ([email protected]>
hdap            263/tcp    HDAP
hdap            263/udp    HDAP
#                          Troy Gau <[email protected]>
bgmp            264/tcp    BGMP
bgmp            264/udp    BGMP
#                          Dave Thaler <[email protected]>
x-bone-ctl      265/tcp    X-Bone CTL
x-bone-ctl      265/udp    X-Bone CTL
#                          Joe Touch <[email protected]>
sst             266/tcp    SCSI on ST
sst             266/udp    SCSI on ST
#                          Donald D. Woelz <[email protected]>
td-service      267/tcp    Tobit David Service Layer
td-service      267/udp    Tobit David Service Layer
td-replica      268/tcp    Tobit David Replica
td-replica      268/udp    Tobit David Replica
#                          Franz-Josef Leuders <[email protected]>
#               269-279    Unassigned
http-mgmt       280/tcp    http-mgmt
http-mgmt       280/udp    http-mgmt
#                          Adrian Pell
#                          <PELL_ADRIAN/[email protected]>
personal-link   281/tcp    Personal Link
personal-link   281/udp    Personal Link
#                          Dan Cummings <[email protected]>
cableport-ax    282/tcp    Cable Port A/X
cableport-ax    282/udp    Cable Port A/X
#                          Craig Langfahl <[email protected]>
rescap          283/tcp    rescap
rescap          283/udp    rescap
#                          Paul Hoffman <[email protected]>
corerjd         284/tcp    corerjd
corerjd         284/udp    corerjd
#                                      Chris Thornhill <[email protected]>
#               285        Unassigned
fxp            286/tcp     FXP Communication
fxp            286/udp     FXP Communication
#                          James Darnall <[email protected]>
k-block         287/tcp    K-BLOCK
k-block         287/udp    K-BLOCK
#                          Simon P Jackson <[email protected]>
#               288-307    Unassigned
novastorbakcup  308/tcp    Novastor Backup
novastorbakcup  308/udp    Novastor Backup
#                          Brian Dickman <[email protected]>
entrusttime     309/tcp    EntrustTime
entrusttime     309/udp    EntrustTime
#                          Peter Whittaker <[email protected]>
bhmds           310/tcp        bhmds
bhmds           310/udp        bhmds
#                          John Kelly <[email protected]>
asip-webadmin   311/tcp    AppleShare IP WebAdmin
asip-webadmin   311/udp    AppleShare IP WebAdmin
#                          Ann Huang <[email protected]>
vslmp           312/tcp    VSLMP
vslmp           312/udp    VSLMP
#                          Gerben Wierda <[email protected]>
magenta-logic   313/tcp    Magenta Logic
magenta-logic   313/udp    Magenta Logic
#                          Karl Rousseau <[email protected]>
opalis-robot    314/tcp    Opalis Robot
opalis-robot    314/udp    Opalis Robot
#                          Laurent Domenech, Opalis <[email protected]>
dpsi            315/tcp    DPSI
dpsi            315/udp    DPSI
#                          Tony Scamurra <[email protected]>
decauth         316/tcp    decAuth
decauth         316/udp    decAuth
#                          Michael Agishtein <[email protected]>
zannet          317/tcp    Zannet
zannet          317/udp    Zannet
#                          Zan Oliphant <[email protected]>
pkix-timestamp  318/tcp    PKIX TimeStamp
pkix-timestamp  318/udp    PKIX TimeStamp
#                          Robert Zuccherato <[email protected]>
ptp-event       319/tcp    PTP Event
ptp-event       319/udp    PTP Event
ptp-general     320/tcp    PTP General
ptp-general     320/udp    PTP General
#                          John Eidson <[email protected]>
pip             321/tcp    PIP
pip             321/udp    PIP
#                          Gordon Mohr <[email protected]>
rtsps           322/tcp    RTSPS
rtsps           322/udp    RTSPS
#                          Anders Klemets <[email protected]>
#               323-332    Unassigned
texar           333/tcp    Texar Security Port
texar           333/udp    Texar Security Port
#                          Eugen Bacic <[email protected]>
#               334-343    Unassigned
pdap            344/tcp    Prospero Data Access Protocol
pdap            344/udp    Prospero Data Access Protocol
#                          B. Clifford Neuman <[email protected]>
pawserv         345/tcp    Perf Analysis Workbench
pawserv         345/udp    Perf Analysis Workbench
zserv           346/tcp    Zebra server
zserv           346/udp    Zebra server
fatserv         347/tcp    Fatmen Server
fatserv         347/udp    Fatmen Server
csi-sgwp        348/tcp    Cabletron Management Protocol
csi-sgwp        348/udp    Cabletron Management Protocol
mftp            349/tcp    mftp
mftp            349/udp    mftp
#                          Dave Feinleib <[email protected]>
matip-type-a    350/tcp    MATIP Type A
matip-type-a    350/udp    MATIP Type A
matip-type-b    351/tcp    MATIP Type B
matip-type-b    351/udp    MATIP Type B
#                          Alain Robert <[email protected]>
# The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use
bhoetty         351/tcp    bhoetty (added 5/21/97)
bhoetty         351/udp    bhoetty
#                          John Kelly <[email protected]>
dtag-ste-sb     352/tcp    DTAG (assigned long ago)
dtag-ste-sb     352/udp    DTAG
#                          Ruediger Wald <[email protected]>
# The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use
bhoedap4        352/tcp    bhoedap4 (added 5/21/97)
bhoedap4        352/udp    bhoedap4
#                          John Kelly <[email protected]>
ndsauth         353/tcp    NDSAUTH
ndsauth         353/udp    NDSAUTH
#                          Jayakumar Ramalingam <[email protected]>
bh611           354/tcp    bh611
bh611           354/udp    bh611
#                          John Kelly <[email protected]>
datex-asn       355/tcp    DATEX-ASN
datex-asn       355/udp    DATEX-ASN
#                          Kenneth Vaughn <[email protected]>
cloanto-net-1   356/tcp    Cloanto Net 1
cloanto-net-1   356/udp    Cloanto Net 1
#                          Michael Battilana <[email protected]>
bhevent         357/tcp    bhevent
bhevent         357/udp    bhevent
#                          John Kelly <[email protected]>
shrinkwrap      358/tcp    Shrinkwrap
shrinkwrap      358/udp    Shrinkwrap
#                          Bill Simpson <[email protected]>
nsrmp           359/tcp    Network Security Risk Management Protocol
nsrmp           359/udp    Network Security Risk Management Protocol
#                          Eric Jacksch <[email protected]>
scoi2odialog    360/tcp    scoi2odialog
scoi2odialog    360/udp    scoi2odialog
#                          Keith Petley <[email protected]>
semantix        361/tcp    Semantix
semantix        361/udp    Semantix
#                          Semantix <[email protected]>
srssend         362/tcp    SRS Send
srssend         362/udp    SRS Send
#                          Curt Mayer <[email protected]>
rsvp_tunnel     363/tcp    RSVP Tunnel
rsvp_tunnel     363/udp    RSVP Tunnel
#                          Andreas Terzis <[email protected]>
aurora-cmgr     364/tcp    Aurora CMGR
aurora-cmgr     364/udp    Aurora CMGR
#                          Philip Budne <[email protected]>
dtk             365/tcp    DTK
dtk             365/udp    DTK
#                          Fred Cohen <[email protected]>
odmr            366/tcp    ODMR
odmr            366/udp    ODMR
#                          Randall Gellens <[email protected]>
mortgageware    367/tcp    MortgageWare
mortgageware    367/udp    MortgageWare
#                          Ole Hellevik <[email protected]>
qbikgdp         368/tcp    QbikGDP
qbikgdp         368/udp    QbikGDP
#                          Adrien de Croy <[email protected]>
rpc2portmap     369/tcp    rpc2portmap
rpc2portmap     369/udp    rpc2portmap
codaauth2       370/tcp    codaauth2
codaauth2       370/udp    codaauth2
#                          Robert Watson <[email protected]>
clearcase       371/tcp    Clearcase
clearcase       371/udp    Clearcase
#                          Dave LeBlang <[email protected]>
ulistproc       372/tcp    ListProcessor
ulistproc       372/udp    ListProcessor
#                          Anastasios Kotsikonas <[email protected]>
legent-1        373/tcp    Legent Corporation
legent-1        373/udp    Legent Corporation
legent-2        374/tcp    Legent Corporation
legent-2        374/udp    Legent Corporation
#                          Keith Boyce <---none--->
hassle          375/tcp    Hassle
hassle          375/udp    Hassle
#                          Reinhard Doelz <[email protected]>
nip             376/tcp    Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto
nip             376/udp    Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto
#                          Heinz Wrobel <[email protected]>
tnETOS          377/tcp    NEC Corporation
tnETOS          377/udp    NEC Corporation
dsETOS          378/tcp    NEC Corporation
dsETOS          378/udp    NEC Corporation
#                          Tomoo Fujita <[email protected]>
is99c           379/tcp    TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem client
is99c           379/udp    TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem client
is99s           380/tcp    TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server
is99s           380/udp    TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server
#                          Frank Quick <[email protected]>
hp-collector    381/tcp    hp performance data collector
hp-collector    381/udp    hp performance data collector
hp-managed-node 382/tcp    hp performance data managed node
hp-managed-node 382/udp    hp performance data managed node
hp-alarm-mgr    383/tcp    hp performance data alarm manager
hp-alarm-mgr    383/udp    hp performance data alarm manager
#                          Frank Blakely <[email protected]>
arns            384/tcp    A Remote Network Server System
arns            384/udp    A Remote Network Server System
#                          David Hornsby <[email protected]>
ibm-app         385/tcp    IBM Application
ibm-app         385/udp    IBM Application
#                          Lisa Tomita <---none--->
asa             386/tcp    ASA Message Router Object Def.
asa             386/udp    ASA Message Router Object Def.
#                          Steve Laitinen <[email protected]>
aurp            387/tcp    Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.
aurp            387/udp    Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.
#                          Chris Ranch <[email protected]>
unidata-ldm     388/tcp    Unidata LDM
unidata-ldm     388/udp    Unidata LDM
#                          Glenn Davis <[email protected]>
ldap            389/tcp    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
ldap            389/udp    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
#                          Tim Howes <[email protected]>
uis             390/tcp    UIS
uis             390/udp    UIS
#                          Ed Barron <---none--->
synotics-relay  391/tcp    SynOptics SNMP Relay Port
synotics-relay  391/udp    SynOptics SNMP Relay Port
synotics-broker 392/tcp    SynOptics Port Broker Port
synotics-broker 392/udp    SynOptics Port Broker Port
#                          Illan Raab <[email protected]>
meta5           393/tcp    Meta5
meta5           393/udp    Meta5
#                          Jim Kanzler <[email protected]>
embl-ndt        394/tcp    EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer
embl-ndt        394/udp    EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer
#                          Peter Gad <[email protected]>
netcp           395/tcp    NETscout Control Protocol
netcp           395/udp    NETscout Control Protocol
#                          Anil Singhal <---none--->
netware-ip      396/tcp    Novell Netware over IP
netware-ip      396/udp    Novell Netware over IP
mptn            397/tcp    Multi Protocol Trans. Net.
mptn            397/udp    Multi Protocol Trans. Net.
#                          Soumitra Sarkar <[email protected]>
kryptolan       398/tcp    Kryptolan
kryptolan       398/udp    Kryptolan
#                          Peter de Laval <[email protected]>
iso-tsap-c2     399/tcp    ISO Transport Class 2 Non-Control over TCP
iso-tsap-c2     399/udp    ISO Transport Class 2 Non-Control over UDP
#                          Yanick Pouffary <[email protected]>
work-sol        400/tcp    Workstation Solutions
work-sol        400/udp    Workstation Solutions
#                          Jim Ward <[email protected]>
ups             401/tcp    Uninterruptible Power Supply
ups             401/udp    Uninterruptible Power Supply
#                          Charles Bennett <[email protected]>
genie           402/tcp    Genie Protocol
genie           402/udp    Genie Protocol
#                          Mark Hankin <---none--->
decap           403/tcp    decap
decap           403/udp    decap
nced            404/tcp    nced
nced            404/udp    nced
ncld            405/tcp    ncld
ncld            405/udp    ncld
#                          Richard Jones <---none--->
imsp            406/tcp    Interactive Mail Support Protocol
imsp            406/udp    Interactive Mail Support Protocol
#                          John Myers <[email protected]>
timbuktu        407/tcp    Timbuktu
timbuktu        407/udp    Timbuktu
#                          Marc Epard <[email protected]>
prm-sm          408/tcp    Prospero Resource Manager Sys. Man.
prm-sm          408/udp    Prospero Resource Manager Sys. Man.
prm-nm          409/tcp    Prospero Resource Manager Node Man.
prm-nm          409/udp    Prospero Resource Manager Node Man.
#                          B. Clifford Neuman <[email protected]>
decladebug      410/tcp    DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol
decladebug      410/udp    DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol
#                          Anthony Berent <[email protected]>
rmt             411/tcp    Remote MT Protocol
rmt             411/udp    Remote MT Protocol
#                          Peter Eriksson <[email protected]>
synoptics-trap  412/tcp    Trap Convention Port
synoptics-trap  412/udp    Trap Convention Port
#                          Illan Raab <[email protected]>
smsp            413/tcp    Storage Management Services Protocol
smsp            413/udp    Storage Management Services Protocol
#                          Murthy Srinivas <[email protected]>
infoseek        414/tcp    InfoSeek
infoseek        414/udp    InfoSeek
#                          Steve Kirsch <[email protected]>
bnet            415/tcp    BNet
bnet            415/udp    BNet
#                          Jim Mertz <[email protected]>
silverplatter   416/tcp    Silverplatter
silverplatter   416/udp    Silverplatter
#                          Peter Ciuffetti <[email protected]>
onmux           417/tcp    Onmux
onmux           417/udp    Onmux
#                          Stephen Hanna <[email protected]>
hyper-g         418/tcp    Hyper-G
hyper-g         418/udp    Hyper-G
#                          Frank Kappe <[email protected]>
ariel1          419/tcp    Ariel 1
ariel1          419/udp    Ariel 1
#                          Joel Karafin <[email protected]>
smpte           420/tcp    SMPTE
smpte           420/udp    SMPTE
#                          Si Becker <[email protected]>
ariel2          421/tcp    Ariel 2
ariel2          421/udp    Ariel 2
ariel3          422/tcp    Ariel 3
ariel3          422/udp    Ariel 3
#                          Joel Karafin <[email protected]>
opc-job-start   423/tcp    IBM Operations Planning and Control Start
opc-job-start   423/udp    IBM Operations Planning and Control Start
opc-job-track   424/tcp    IBM Operations Planning and Control Track
opc-job-track   424/udp    IBM Operations Planning and Control Track
#                          Conny Larsson  <[email protected]>
icad-el         425/tcp    ICAD
icad-el         425/udp    ICAD
#                          Larry Stone  <[email protected]>
smartsdp        426/tcp    smartsdp
smartsdp        426/udp    smartsdp
#                          Marie-Pierre Belanger <[email protected]>
svrloc          427/tcp    Server Location
svrloc          427/udp    Server Location
#                          <[email protected]>
ocs_cmu         428/tcp    OCS_CMU
ocs_cmu         428/udp    OCS_CMU
ocs_amu         429/tcp    OCS_AMU
ocs_amu         429/udp    OCS_AMU
#                          Florence Wyman <[email protected]>
utmpsd          430/tcp    UTMPSD
utmpsd          430/udp    UTMPSD
utmpcd          431/tcp    UTMPCD
utmpcd          431/udp    UTMPCD
iasd            432/tcp    IASD
iasd            432/udp    IASD
#                          Nir Baroz <[email protected]>
nnsp            433/tcp    NNSP
nnsp            433/udp    NNSP
#                          Rob Robertson <[email protected]>
mobileip-agent  434/tcp    MobileIP-Agent
mobileip-agent  434/udp    MobileIP-Agent
mobilip-mn      435/tcp    MobilIP-MN
mobilip-mn      435/udp    MobilIP-MN
#                          Kannan Alagappan <[email protected]>
dna-cml         436/tcp    DNA-CML
dna-cml         436/udp    DNA-CML
#                          Dan Flowers <[email protected]>
comscm          437/tcp    comscm
comscm          437/udp    comscm
#                          Jim Teague <[email protected]>
dsfgw           438/tcp    dsfgw
dsfgw           438/udp    dsfgw
#                          Andy McKeen <[email protected]>
dasp            439/tcp    dasp      Thomas Obermair
dasp            439/udp    dasp      [email protected]
#                          Thomas Obermair <[email protected]>
sgcp            440/tcp    sgcp
sgcp            440/udp    sgcp
#                          Marshall Rose <[email protected]>
decvms-sysmgt   441/tcp    decvms-sysmgt
decvms-sysmgt   441/udp    decvms-sysmgt
#                          Lee Barton <[email protected]>
cvc_hostd       442/tcp    cvc_hostd
cvc_hostd       442/udp    cvc_hostd
#                          Bill Davidson <[email protected]>
https           443/tcp    http protocol over TLS/SSL
https           443/udp    http protocol over TLS/SSL
#                          Kipp E.B. Hickman <[email protected]>
snpp            444/tcp    Simple Network Paging Protocol
snpp            444/udp    Simple Network Paging Protocol
#                          [RFC1568]
microsoft-ds    445/tcp    Microsoft-DS
microsoft-ds    445/udp    Microsoft-DS
#                          Pradeep Bahl <[email protected]>
ddm-rdb         446/tcp    DDM-Remote Relational Database Access
ddm-rdb         446/udp    DDM-Remote Relational Database Access
ddm-dfm         447/tcp    DDM-Distributed File Management
ddm-dfm         447/udp    DDM-Distributed File Management
#                          Steven Ritland <[email protected]>
ddm-ssl         448/tcp    DDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets
ddm-ssl         448/udp    DDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets
#                                      Steven Ritland <[email protected]>
as-servermap    449/tcp    AS Server Mapper
as-servermap    449/udp    AS Server Mapper
#                          Barbara Foss <[email protected]>
tserver         450/tcp    Computer Supported Telecomunication Applications
tserver         450/udp    Computer Supported Telecomunication Applications
#                          Harvey S. Schultz <[email protected]>
sfs-smp-net     451/tcp    Cray Network Semaphore server
sfs-smp-net     451/udp    Cray Network Semaphore server
sfs-config      452/tcp    Cray SFS config server
sfs-config      452/udp    Cray SFS config server
#                          Walter Poxon <[email protected]>
creativeserver  453/tcp    CreativeServer
creativeserver  453/udp    CreativeServer
contentserver   454/tcp    ContentServer
contentserver   454/udp    ContentServer
creativepartnr  455/tcp    CreativePartnr
creativepartnr  455/udp    CreativePartnr
#                          Jesus Ortiz <[email protected]>
macon-tcp       456/tcp    macon-tcp
macon-udp       456/udp    macon-udp
#                          Yoshinobu Inoue
#                          <[email protected]>
scohelp         457/tcp    scohelp
scohelp         457/udp    scohelp
#                          Faith Zack <[email protected]>
appleqtc        458/tcp    apple quick time
appleqtc        458/udp    apple quick time
#                          Murali Ranganathan
#                          <[email protected]>
ampr-rcmd       459/tcp    ampr-rcmd
ampr-rcmd       459/udp    ampr-rcmd
#                          Rob Janssen <[email protected]>
skronk          460/tcp    skronk
skronk          460/udp    skronk
#                          Henry Strickland <[email protected]>
datasurfsrv     461/tcp    DataRampSrv
datasurfsrv     461/udp    DataRampSrv
datasurfsrvsec  462/tcp    DataRampSrvSec
datasurfsrvsec  462/udp    DataRampSrvSec
#                          Diane Downie <[email protected]>
alpes           463/tcp    alpes
alpes           463/udp    alpes
#                          Alain Durand <[email protected]>
kpasswd         464/tcp    kpasswd
kpasswd         464/udp    kpasswd
#                          Theodore Ts'o <[email protected]>
urd             465/tcp    URL Rendesvous Directory for SSM
igmpv3lite      465/udp    IGMP over UDP for SSM
#                          Toerless Eckert <[email protected]>
digital-vrc     466/tcp    digital-vrc
digital-vrc     466/udp    digital-vrc
#                          Peter Higginson <[email protected]>
mylex-mapd      467/tcp    mylex-mapd
mylex-mapd      467/udp    mylex-mapd
#                          Gary Lewis <[email protected]>
photuris        468/tcp    proturis
photuris        468/udp    proturis
#                          Bill Simpson <[email protected]>
rcp             469/tcp    Radio Control Protocol
rcp             469/udp    Radio Control Protocol
#                          Jim Jennings +1-708-538-7241
scx-proxy       470/tcp    scx-proxy
scx-proxy       470/udp    scx-proxy
#                          Scott Narveson <[email protected]>
mondex          471/tcp    Mondex
mondex          471/udp    Mondex
#                          Bill Reding <[email protected]>
ljk-login       472/tcp    ljk-login
ljk-login       472/udp    ljk-login
#                          LJK Software, Cambridge, Massachusetts
#                          <[email protected]>
hybrid-pop      473/tcp    hybrid-pop
hybrid-pop      473/udp    hybrid-pop
#                          Rami Rubin <[email protected]>
tn-tl-w1        474/tcp    tn-tl-w1
tn-tl-w2        474/udp    tn-tl-w2
#                          Ed Kress <[email protected]>
tcpnethaspsrv   475/tcp    tcpnethaspsrv
tcpnethaspsrv   475/udp    tcpnethaspsrv
#                          Charlie Hava <[email protected]>
tn-tl-fd1       476/tcp    tn-tl-fd1
tn-tl-fd1       476/udp    tn-tl-fd1
#                          Ed Kress <[email protected]>
ss7ns           477/tcp    ss7ns
ss7ns           477/udp    ss7ns
#                          Jean-Michel URSCH <[email protected]>
spsc            478/tcp    spsc
spsc            478/udp    spsc
#                          Mike Rieker <[email protected]>
iafserver       479/tcp    iafserver
iafserver       479/udp    iafserver
iafdbase        480/tcp    iafdbase
iafdbase        480/udp    iafdbase
#                          [email protected] <Rick Yazwinski>
ph              481/tcp    Ph service
ph              481/udp    Ph service
#                          Roland Hedberg <[email protected]>
bgs-nsi         482/tcp    bgs-nsi
bgs-nsi         482/udp    bgs-nsi
#                          Jon Saperia <[email protected]>
ulpnet          483/tcp    ulpnet
ulpnet          483/udp    ulpnet
#                          Kevin Mooney <[email protected]>
integra-sme     484/tcp    Integra Software Management Environment
integra-sme     484/udp    Integra Software Management Environment
#                          Randall Dow <[email protected]>
powerburst      485/tcp    Air Soft Power Burst
powerburst      485/udp    Air Soft Power Burst
#                          <[email protected]>
avian           486/tcp    avian
avian           486/udp    avian
#                          Robert Ullmann
#                          <Robert_Ullmann/CAM/[email protected]>
saft            487/tcp    saft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
saft            487/udp    saft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
#                          Ulli Horlacher <[email protected]>
gss-http        488/tcp    gss-http
gss-http        488/udp    gss-http
#                          Doug Rosenthal <[email protected]>
nest-protocol   489/tcp    nest-protocol
nest-protocol   489/udp    nest-protocol
#                          Gilles Gameiro <[email protected]>
micom-pfs       490/tcp    micom-pfs
micom-pfs       490/udp    micom-pfs
#                          David Misunas <[email protected]>
go-login        491/tcp    go-login
go-login        491/udp    go-login
#                          Troy Morrison <[email protected]>
ticf-1          492/tcp    Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
ticf-1          492/udp    Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
ticf-2          493/tcp    Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
ticf-2          493/udp    Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
#                          Mamoru Ito <[email protected]>
pov-ray         494/tcp    POV-Ray
pov-ray         494/udp    POV-Ray
#                          POV-Team Co-ordinator
#                          <[email protected]>
intecourier     495/tcp    intecourier
intecourier     495/udp    intecourier
#                          Steve Favor <[email protected]>
pim-rp-disc     496/tcp    PIM-RP-DISC
pim-rp-disc     496/udp    PIM-RP-DISC
#                          Dino Farinacci <[email protected]>
dantz           497/tcp    dantz
dantz           497/udp    dantz
#                          Richard Zulch <[email protected]>
siam            498/tcp    siam
siam            498/udp    siam
#                          Philippe Gilbert <[email protected]>
iso-ill         499/tcp    ISO ILL Protocol
iso-ill         499/udp    ISO ILL Protocol
#                          Mark H. Needleman <[email protected]>
isakmp          500/tcp    isakmp
isakmp          500/udp    isakmp
#                          Mark Schertler <[email protected]>
stmf            501/tcp    STMF
stmf            501/udp    STMF
#                          Alan Ungar <[email protected]>
asa-appl-proto  502/tcp    asa-appl-proto
asa-appl-proto  502/udp    asa-appl-proto
#                          Dennis Dube <[email protected]>
intrinsa        503/tcp    Intrinsa
intrinsa        503/udp    Intrinsa
#                          Robert Ford <[email protected]>
citadel         504/tcp    citadel
citadel         504/udp    citadel
#                          Art Cancro <[email protected]>
mailbox-lm      505/tcp    mailbox-lm
mailbox-lm      505/udp    mailbox-lm
#                          Beverly Moody <[email protected]>
ohimsrv         506/tcp    ohimsrv
ohimsrv         506/udp    ohimsrv
#                          Scott Powell <[email protected]>
crs             507/tcp    crs
crs             507/udp    crs
#                          Brad Wright <[email protected]>
xvttp           508/tcp    xvttp
xvttp           508/udp    xvttp
#                          Keith J. Alphonso <[email protected]>
snare           509/tcp    snare
snare           509/udp    snare
#                          Dennis Batchelder <[email protected]>
fcp             510/tcp    FirstClass Protocol
fcp             510/udp    FirstClass Protocol
#                          Mike Marshburn <[email protected]>
passgo          511/tcp    PassGo
passgo          511/udp    PassGo
#                          John Rainford <[email protected]>
exec            512/tcp    remote process execution;
#                          authentication performed using
#                          passwords and UNIX login names
comsat          512/udp
biff            512/udp    used by mail system to notify users
#                          of new mail received; currently
#                          receives messages only from
#                          processes on the same machine
login           513/tcp    remote login a la telnet;
#                          automatic authentication performed
#                          based on priviledged port numbers
#                          and distributed data bases which
#                          identify "authentication domains"
who             513/udp    maintains data bases showing who's
#                          logged in to machines on a local
#                          net and the load average of the
#                          machine
shell           514/tcp    cmd
#                          like exec, but automatic authentication
#                          is performed as for login server
syslog          514/udp
printer         515/tcp    spooler
printer         515/udp    spooler
videotex        516/tcp    videotex
videotex        516/udp    videotex
#                          Daniel Mavrakis <[email protected]>
talk            517/tcp    like tenex link, but across
#                          machine - unfortunately, doesn't
#                          use link protocol (this is actually
#                          just a rendezvous port from which a
#                          tcp connection is established)
talk            517/udp    like tenex link, but across
#                          machine - unfortunately, doesn't
#                          use link protocol (this is actually
#                          just a rendezvous port from which a
#                          tcp connection is established)
ntalk           518/tcp
ntalk           518/udp
utime           519/tcp    unixtime
utime           519/udp    unixtime
efs             520/tcp    extended file name server
router          520/udp    local routing process (on site);
#                          uses variant of Xerox NS routing
#                          information protocol - RIP
ripng           521/tcp    ripng
ripng           521/udp    ripng
#                          Robert E. Minnear <[email protected]>
ulp             522/tcp    ULP
ulp             522/udp    ULP
#                          Max Morris <[email protected]>
ibm-db2         523/tcp    IBM-DB2
ibm-db2         523/udp    IBM-DB2
#                          Juliana Hsu <[email protected]>
ncp             524/tcp    NCP
ncp             524/udp    NCP
#                          Don Provan <[email protected]>
timed           525/tcp    timeserver
timed           525/udp    timeserver
tempo           526/tcp    newdate
tempo           526/udp    newdate
#                          Unknown
stx             527/tcp    Stock IXChange
stx             527/udp    Stock IXChange
custix          528/tcp    Customer IXChange
custix          528/udp    Customer IXChange
#                          Ferdi Ladeira <[email protected]>
irc-serv        529/tcp    IRC-SERV
irc-serv        529/udp    IRC-SERV
#                          Brian Tackett <[email protected]>
courier         530/tcp    rpc
courier         530/udp    rpc
conference      531/tcp    chat
conference      531/udp    chat
netnews         532/tcp    readnews
netnews         532/udp    readnews
netwall         533/tcp    for emergency broadcasts
netwall         533/udp    for emergency broadcasts
#                          Andreas Heidemann <[email protected]>
windream        534/tcp    windream Admin
windream        534/udp    windream Admin
#                           Uwe Honermann <[email protected]>
iiop            535/tcp    iiop
iiop            535/udp    iiop
#                          Jeff M.Michaud <[email protected]>
opalis-rdv      536/tcp    opalis-rdv
opalis-rdv      536/udp    opalis-rdv
#                          Laurent Domenech <[email protected]>
nmsp            537/tcp    Networked Media Streaming Protocol
nmsp            537/udp    Networked Media Streaming Protocol
#                          Paul Santinelli Jr. <[email protected]>
gdomap          538/tcp    gdomap
gdomap          538/udp    gdomap
#                          Richard Frith-Macdonald <[email protected]>
apertus-ldp     539/tcp    Apertus Technologies Load Determination
apertus-ldp     539/udp    Apertus Technologies Load Determination
uucp            540/tcp    uucpd
uucp            540/udp    uucpd
uucp-rlogin     541/tcp    uucp-rlogin
uucp-rlogin     541/udp    uucp-rlogin
#                          Stuart Lynne <[email protected]>
commerce        542/tcp    commerce
commerce        542/udp    commerce
#                          Randy Epstein <[email protected]>
klogin          543/tcp
klogin          543/udp
kshell          544/tcp    krcmd
kshell          544/udp    krcmd
appleqtcsrvr    545/tcp    appleqtcsrvr
appleqtcsrvr    545/udp    appleqtcsrvr
#                          Murali Ranganathan
#                          <[email protected]>
dhcpv6-client   546/tcp    DHCPv6 Client
dhcpv6-client   546/udp    DHCPv6 Client
dhcpv6-server   547/tcp    DHCPv6 Server
dhcpv6-server   547/udp    DHCPv6 Server
#                          Jim Bound <[email protected]>
afpovertcp      548/tcp    AFP over TCP
afpovertcp      548/udp    AFP over TCP
#                          Leland Wallace <[email protected]>
idfp            549/tcp    IDFP
idfp            549/udp    IDFP
#                          Ramana Kovi <[email protected]>
new-rwho        550/tcp    new-who
new-rwho        550/udp    new-who
cybercash       551/tcp    cybercash
cybercash       551/udp    cybercash
#                          Donald E. Eastlake 3rd <[email protected]>
devshr-nts      552/tcp    DeviceShare
devshr-nts      552/udp    DeviceShare
#                          Benjamin Rosenberg <[email protected]>
pirp            553/tcp    pirp
pirp            553/udp    pirp
#                          D. J. Bernstein <[email protected]>
rtsp            554/tcp    Real Time Stream Control Protocol
rtsp            554/udp    Real Time Stream Control Protocol
#                          Rob Lanphier <[email protected]>
dsf             555/tcp
dsf             555/udp
remotefs        556/tcp    rfs server
remotefs        556/udp    rfs server
openvms-sysipc  557/tcp    openvms-sysipc
openvms-sysipc  557/udp    openvms-sysipc
#                          Alan Potter <[email protected]>
sdnskmp         558/tcp    SDNSKMP
sdnskmp         558/udp    SDNSKMP
teedtap         559/tcp    TEEDTAP
teedtap         559/udp    TEEDTAP
#                          Charlie Limoges <[email protected]>
rmonitor        560/tcp    rmonitord
rmonitor        560/udp    rmonitord
monitor         561/tcp
monitor         561/udp
chshell         562/tcp    chcmd
chshell         562/udp    chcmd
nntps           563/tcp    nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp)
nntps           563/udp    nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp)
#                          Kipp E.B. Hickman <[email protected]>
9pfs            564/tcp    plan 9 file service
9pfs            564/udp    plan 9 file service
whoami          565/tcp    whoami
whoami          565/udp    whoami
streettalk      566/tcp    streettalk
streettalk      566/udp    streettalk
banyan-rpc      567/tcp    banyan-rpc
banyan-rpc      567/udp    banyan-rpc
#                          Tom Lemaire <[email protected]>
ms-shuttle      568/tcp    microsoft shuttle
ms-shuttle      568/udp    microsoft shuttle
#                          Rudolph Balaz <[email protected]>
ms-rome         569/tcp    microsoft rome
ms-rome         569/udp    microsoft rome
#                          Rudolph Balaz <[email protected]>
meter           570/tcp    demon
meter           570/udp    demon
meter           571/tcp    udemon
meter           571/udp    udemon
sonar           572/tcp    sonar
sonar           572/udp    sonar
#                          Keith Moore <[email protected]>
banyan-vip      573/tcp    banyan-vip
banyan-vip      573/udp    banyan-vip
#                          Denis Leclerc <[email protected]>
ftp-agent       574/tcp    FTP Software Agent System
ftp-agent       574/udp    FTP Software Agent System
#                          Michael S. Greenberg <[email protected]>
vemmi           575/tcp    VEMMI
vemmi           575/udp    VEMMI
#                          Daniel Mavrakis <[email protected]>
ipcd            576/tcp    ipcd
ipcd            576/udp    ipcd
vnas            577/tcp    vnas
vnas            577/udp    vnas
ipdd            578/tcp    ipdd
ipdd            578/udp    ipdd
#                          Jay Farhat <[email protected]>
decbsrv         579/tcp    decbsrv
decbsrv         579/udp    decbsrv
#                          Rudi Martin <movies::martin"@movies.enet.dec.com>
sntp-heartbeat  580/tcp    SNTP HEARTBEAT
sntp-heartbeat  580/udp    SNTP HEARTBEAT
#                          Louis Mamakos <[email protected]>
bdp             581/tcp    Bundle Discovery Protocol
bdp             581/udp    Bundle Discovery Protocol
#                          Gary Malkin <[email protected]>
scc-security    582/tcp    SCC Security
scc-security    582/udp    SCC Security
#                          Prashant Dholakia <[email protected]>
philips-vc      583/tcp    Philips Video-Conferencing
philips-vc      583/udp    Philips Video-Conferencing
#                          Janna Chang <[email protected]>
keyserver       584/tcp    Key Server
keyserver       584/udp    Key Server
#                          Gary Howland <[email protected]>
#               585        De-registered (25 April 2006)
#               Use of 585 is not recommended, use 993 instead
password-chg    586/tcp    Password Change
password-chg    586/udp    Password Change
submission      587/tcp    Submission
submission      587/udp    Submission
#                          [RFC4409]
cal             588/tcp    CAL
cal             588/udp    CAL
#                          Myron Hattig <[email protected]>
eyelink         589/tcp    EyeLink
eyelink         589/udp    EyeLink
#                          Dave Stampe <[email protected]>
tns-cml         590/tcp    TNS CML
tns-cml         590/udp    TNS CML
#                          Jerome Albin <[email protected]>
http-alt        591/tcp    FileMaker, Inc. - HTTP Alternate (see Port 80)
http-alt        591/udp    FileMaker, Inc. - HTTP Alternate (see Port 80)
#                          Clay Maeckel <[email protected]>
eudora-set      592/tcp    Eudora Set
eudora-set      592/udp    Eudora Set
#                          Randall Gellens <[email protected]>
http-rpc-epmap  593/tcp    HTTP RPC Ep Map
http-rpc-epmap  593/udp    HTTP RPC Ep Map
#                          Edward Reus <[email protected]>
tpip            594/tcp    TPIP
tpip            594/udp    TPIP
#                          Brad Spear <[email protected]>
cab-protocol    595/tcp    CAB Protocol
cab-protocol    595/udp    CAB Protocol
#                          Winston Hetherington
smsd            596/tcp    SMSD
smsd            596/udp    SMSD
#                          Wayne Barlow <[email protected]>
ptcnameservice  597/tcp    PTC Name Service
ptcnameservice  597/udp    PTC Name Service
#                          Yuri Machkasov <[email protected]>
sco-websrvrmg3  598/tcp    SCO Web Server Manager 3
sco-websrvrmg3  598/udp    SCO Web Server Manager 3
#                          Simon Baldwin <[email protected]>
acp             599/tcp    Aeolon Core Protocol
acp             599/udp    Aeolon Core Protocol
#                          Michael Alyn Miller <[email protected]>
ipcserver       600/tcp    Sun IPC server
ipcserver       600/udp    Sun IPC server
#                          Bill Schiefelbein <[email protected]>
syslog-conn     601/tcp    Reliable Syslog Service
syslog-conn     601/udp    Reliable Syslog Service
#                          RFC 3195
xmlrpc-beep     602/tcp    XML-RPC over BEEP
xmlrpc-beep     602/udp    XML-RPC over BEEP
#                          RFC3529 <ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc3529.txt> March 2003
idxp            603/tcp    IDXP
idxp            603/udp    IDXP
#                          RFC-ietf-idwg-beep-idxp-07.txt
tunnel          604/tcp    TUNNEL
tunnel          604/udp    TUNNEL
#                          RFC3620
soap-beep       605/tcp    SOAP over BEEP
soap-beep       605/udp    SOAP over BEEP
#                          RFC3288 <ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc3288.txt> April 2002
urm             606/tcp    Cray Unified Resource Manager
urm             606/udp    Cray Unified Resource Manager
nqs             607/tcp    nqs
nqs             607/udp    nqs
#                          Bill Schiefelbein <[email protected]>
sift-uft        608/tcp    Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
sift-uft        608/udp    Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
#                          Rick Troth <[email protected]>
npmp-trap       609/tcp    npmp-trap
npmp-trap       609/udp    npmp-trap
npmp-local      610/tcp    npmp-local
npmp-local      610/udp    npmp-local
npmp-gui        611/tcp    npmp-gui
npmp-gui        611/udp    npmp-gui
#                          John Barnes <[email protected]>
hmmp-ind        612/tcp    HMMP Indication
hmmp-ind        612/udp    HMMP Indication
hmmp-op         613/tcp    HMMP Operation
hmmp-op         613/udp    HMMP Operation
#                          Andrew Sinclair <[email protected]>
sshell          614/tcp    SSLshell
sshell          614/udp    SSLshell
#                          Simon J. Gerraty <[email protected]>
sco-inetmgr     615/tcp    Internet Configuration Manager
sco-inetmgr     615/udp    Internet Configuration Manager
sco-sysmgr      616/tcp    SCO System Administration Server
sco-sysmgr      616/udp    SCO System Administration Server
sco-dtmgr       617/tcp    SCO Desktop Administration Server
sco-dtmgr       617/udp    SCO Desktop Administration Server
#                          Christopher Durham <[email protected]>
dei-icda        618/tcp    DEI-ICDA
dei-icda        618/udp    DEI-ICDA
#                          David Turner <[email protected]>
compaq-evm      619/tcp    Compaq EVM
compaq-evm      619/udp    Compaq EVM
#                          Jem Treadwell <[email protected]>
sco-websrvrmgr  620/tcp    SCO WebServer Manager
sco-websrvrmgr  620/udp    SCO WebServer Manager
#                          Christopher Durham <[email protected]>
escp-ip         621/tcp    ESCP
escp-ip         621/udp    ESCP
#                          Lai Zit Seng <[email protected]>
collaborator    622/tcp    Collaborator
collaborator    622/udp    Collaborator
#                          Johnson Davis <[email protected]>
asf-rmcp        623/tcp    ASF Remote Management and Control Protocol
asf-rmcp        623/udp    ASF Remote Management and Control Protocol
#                          Carl First <[email protected]>
cryptoadmin     624/tcp    Crypto Admin
cryptoadmin     624/udp    Crypto Admin
#                          Tony Walker <[email protected]>
dec_dlm         625/tcp    DEC DLM
dec_dlm         625/udp    DEC DLM
#                          Rudi Martin <[email protected]>
asia            626/tcp    ASIA
asia            626/udp    ASIA
#                          Michael Dasenbrock <[email protected]>
passgo-tivoli   627/tcp    PassGo Tivoli
passgo-tivoli   627/udp    PassGo Tivoli
#                          John Rainford <[email protected]>
qmqp            628/tcp    QMQP
qmqp            628/udp    QMQP
#                          Dan Bernstein <[email protected]>
3com-amp3       629/tcp    3Com AMP3
3com-amp3       629/udp    3Com AMP3
#                          Prakash Banthia <[email protected]>
rda             630/tcp    RDA
rda             630/udp    RDA
#                          John Hadjioannou <[email protected]>
ipp             631/tcp    IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)
ipp             631/udp    IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)
#                          Carl-Uno Manros <[email protected]>
bmpp            632/tcp    bmpp
bmpp            632/udp    bmpp
#                          Troy Rollo <[email protected]>
servstat        633/tcp    Service Status update (Sterling Software)
servstat        633/udp    Service Status update (Sterling Software)
#                          Greg Rose <[email protected]>
ginad           634/tcp    ginad
ginad           634/udp    ginad
#                          Mark Crother <[email protected]>
rlzdbase        635/tcp    RLZ DBase
rlzdbase        635/udp    RLZ DBase
#                          Michael Ginn <[email protected]>
ldaps           636/tcp    ldap protocol over TLS/SSL (was sldap)
ldaps           636/udp    ldap protocol over TLS/SSL (was sldap)
#                          Pat Richard <[email protected]>
lanserver       637/tcp    lanserver
lanserver       637/udp    lanserver
#                          Chris Larsson <[email protected]>
mcns-sec        638/tcp    mcns-sec
mcns-sec        638/udp    mcns-sec
#                          Kaz Ozawa <[email protected]>
msdp            639/tcp    MSDP
msdp            639/udp    MSDP
#                          Dino Farinacci <[email protected]>
entrust-sps     640/tcp    entrust-sps
entrust-sps     640/udp    entrust-sps
#                          Marek Buchler <[email protected]>
repcmd          641/tcp    repcmd
repcmd          641/udp    repcmd
#                          Scott Dale <[email protected]>
esro-emsdp      642/tcp    ESRO-EMSDP V1.3
esro-emsdp      642/udp    ESRO-EMSDP V1.3
#                          Mohsen Banan <[email protected]>
sanity          643/tcp    SANity
sanity          643/udp    SANity
#                          Peter Viscarola <[email protected]>
dwr             644/tcp    dwr
dwr             644/udp    dwr
#                          Bill Fenner <[email protected]>
pssc            645/tcp    PSSC
pssc            645/udp    PSSC
#                          Egon Meier-Engelen <[email protected]>
ldp             646/tcp    LDP
ldp             646/udp    LDP
#                          Bob Thomas <[email protected]>
dhcp-failover   647/tcp    DHCP Failover
dhcp-failover   647/udp    DHCP Failover
#                          Bernard Volz <[email protected]>
rrp             648/tcp    Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP)
rrp             648/udp    Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP)
#                          Scott Hollenbeck <[email protected]>
cadview-3d      649/tcp    Cadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet
cadview-3d      649/udp    Cadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet
#                          David Cooper <[email protected]>
obex            650/tcp    OBEX
obex            650/udp    OBEX
#                          Jeff Garbers <[email protected]>
ieee-mms        651/tcp    IEEE MMS
ieee-mms        651/udp    IEEE MMS
#                          Curtis Anderson <[email protected]>
hello-port      652/tcp    HELLO_PORT
hello-port      652/udp    HELLO_PORT
#                          Patrick Cipiere <[email protected]>
repscmd         653/tcp    RepCmd
repscmd         653/udp    RepCmd
#                          Scott Dale <[email protected]>
aodv            654/tcp    AODV
aodv            654/udp    AODV
#                          Charles Perkins <[email protected]>
tinc            655/tcp    TINC
tinc            655/udp    TINC
#                          Ivo Timmermans <[email protected]>
spmp            656/tcp    SPMP
spmp            656/udp    SPMP
#                          Jakob Kaivo <[email protected]>
rmc             657/tcp    RMC
rmc             657/udp    RMC
#                          Michael Schmidt <[email protected]>
tenfold         658/tcp    TenFold
tenfold         658/udp    TenFold
#                          Louis Olszyk <[email protected]>
#               659        Removed (2001-06-06)
mac-srvr-admin  660/tcp    MacOS Server Admin
mac-srvr-admin  660/udp    MacOS Server Admin
#                          Forest Hill <[email protected]>
hap             661/tcp    HAP
hap             661/udp    HAP
#                          Igor Plotnikov <[email protected]>
pftp            662/tcp    PFTP
pftp            662/udp    PFTP
#                          Ben Schluricke <[email protected]>
purenoise       663/tcp    PureNoise
purenoise       663/udp    PureNoise
#                          Sam Osa <[email protected]>
asf-secure-rmcp 664/tcp    ASF Secure Remote Management and Control Protocol
asf-secure-rmcp 664/udp    ASF Secure Remote Management and Control Protocol
#                          Carl First <[email protected]>
sun-dr          665/tcp    Sun DR
sun-dr          665/udp    Sun DR
#                          Harinder Bhasin <H[email protected]>
mdqs            666/tcp
mdqs            666/udp
doom            666/tcp    doom Id Software
doom            666/udp    doom Id Software
#                          <[email protected]>
disclose        667/tcp    campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies
disclose        667/udp    campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies
#                          Jim Dixon  <[email protected]>
mecomm          668/tcp    MeComm
mecomm          668/udp    MeComm
meregister      669/tcp    MeRegister
meregister      669/udp    MeRegister
#                          Armin Sawusch <[email protected]>
vacdsm-sws      670/tcp    VACDSM-SWS
vacdsm-sws      670/udp    VACDSM-SWS
vacdsm-app      671/tcp    VACDSM-APP
vacdsm-app      671/udp    VACDSM-APP
vpps-qua        672/tcp    VPPS-QUA
vpps-qua        672/udp    VPPS-QUA
cimplex         673/tcp    CIMPLEX
cimplex         673/udp    CIMPLEX
#                          Ulysses G. Smith Jr. <[email protected]>
acap            674/tcp    ACAP
acap            674/udp    ACAP
#                          Chris Newman <[email protected]>
dctp            675/tcp    DCTP
dctp            675/udp    DCTP
#                          Andre Kramer <[email protected]>
vpps-via        676/tcp    VPPS Via
vpps-via        676/udp    VPPS Via
#                          Ulysses G. Smith Jr. <[email protected]>
vpp             677/tcp    Virtual Presence Protocol
vpp             677/udp    Virtual Presence Protocol
#                          Klaus Wolf <[email protected]>
ggf-ncp         678/tcp    GNU Generation Foundation NCP
ggf-ncp         678/udp    GNU Generation Foundation NCP
#                          Noah Paul <[email protected]>
mrm             679/tcp    MRM
mrm             679/udp    MRM
#                          Liming Wei <[email protected]>
entrust-aaas    680/tcp    entrust-aaas
entrust-aaas    680/udp    entrust-aaas
entrust-aams    681/tcp    entrust-aams
entrust-aams    681/udp    entrust-aams
#                          Adrian Mancini <[email protected]>
xfr             682/tcp    XFR
xfr             682/udp    XFR
#                          Noah Paul <[email protected]>
corba-iiop      683/tcp    CORBA IIOP
corba-iiop      683/udp    CORBA IIOP
corba-iiop-ssl  684/tcp    CORBA IIOP SSL
corba-iiop-ssl  684/udp    CORBA IIOP SSL
#                          Andrew Watson <[email protected]>
mdc-portmapper  685/tcp    MDC Port Mapper
mdc-portmapper  685/udp    MDC Port Mapper
#                          Noah Paul <[email protected]>
hcp-wismar      686/tcp    Hardware Control Protocol Wismar
hcp-wismar      686/udp    Hardware Control Protocol Wismar
#                          David Merchant <[email protected]>
asipregistry    687/tcp    asipregistry
asipregistry    687/udp    asipregistry
#                          Erik Sea <[email protected]>
realm-rusd      688/tcp    ApplianceWare managment protocol
realm-rusd      688/udp    ApplianceWare managment protocol
#                          Stacy Kenworthy <[email protected]>
nmap            689/tcp    NMAP
nmap            689/udp    NMAP
#                          Peter Dennis Bartok <[email protected]>
vatp            690/tcp    Velazquez Application Transfer Protocol
vatp            690/udp    Velazquez Application Transfer Protocol
#                          Velneo <[email protected]>
msexch-routing  691/tcp    MS Exchange Routing
msexch-routing  691/udp    MS Exchange Routing
#                          David Lemson <[email protected]>
hyperwave-isp   692/tcp    Hyperwave-ISP
hyperwave-isp   692/udp    Hyperwave-ISP
#                          Gerald Mesaric <[email protected]>
connendp        693/tcp    connendp
connendp        693/udp    connendp
#                          Ronny Bremer <[email protected]>
ha-cluster      694/tcp    ha-cluster
ha-cluster      694/udp    ha-cluster
#                          Alan Robertson <al[email protected]>
ieee-mms-ssl    695/tcp    IEEE-MMS-SSL
ieee-mms-ssl    695/udp    IEEE-MMS-SSL
#                          Curtis Anderson <[email protected]>
rushd           696/tcp    RUSHD
rushd           696/udp    RUSHD
#                          Greg Ercolano <[email protected]>
uuidgen         697/tcp    UUIDGEN
uuidgen         697/udp    UUIDGEN
#                          James Falkner <[email protected]>
olsr            698/tcp    OLSR
olsr            698/udp    OLSR
#                          Thomas Clausen <[email protected]>
accessnetwork   699/tcp    Access Network
accessnetwork   699/udp    Access Network
#                          Yingchun Xu <[email protected]>
epp             700/tcp    Extensible Provisioning Protocol
epp             700/udp    Extensible Provisioning Protocol
#                          [RFC-hollenbeck-epp-rfc3734bis-05.txt]
lmp             701/tcp    Link Management Protocol (LMP)
lmp             701/udp    Link Management Protocol (LMP)
#                          [RFC4204]
iris-beep       702/tcp    IRIS over BEEP
iris-beep       702/udp    IRIS over BEEP
#                          [RFC3983]
#               703        Unassigned
elcsd           704/tcp    errlog copy/server daemon
elcsd           704/udp    errlog copy/server daemon
agentx          705/tcp    AgentX
agentx          705/udp    AgentX
#                          Bob Natale <[email protected]>
silc            706/tcp    SILC
silc            706/udp    SILC
#                          Pekka Riikonen <[email protected]>
borland-dsj     707/tcp    Borland DSJ
borland-dsj     707/udp    Borland DSJ
#                          Gerg Cole <[email protected]>
#               708        Unassigned
entrust-kmsh    709/tcp    Entrust Key Management Service Handler
entrust-kmsh    709/udp    Entrust Key Management Service Handler
entrust-ash     710/tcp    Entrust Administration Service Handler
entrust-ash     710/udp    Entrust Administration Service Handler
#                          Peter Whittaker <[email protected]>
cisco-tdp       711/tcp    Cisco TDP
cisco-tdp       711/udp    Cisco TDP
#                          Bruce Davie <[email protected]>
tbrpf           712/tcp    TBRPF
tbrpf           712/udp    TBRPF
#                          RFC3684
#               713-728    Unassigned
netviewdm1      729/tcp    IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client
netviewdm1      729/udp    IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client
netviewdm2      730/tcp    IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp
netviewdm2      730/udp    IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp
netviewdm3      731/tcp    IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp
netviewdm3      731/udp    IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp
#                          Philippe Binet  ([email protected])
#               732-740    Unassigned
netgw           741/tcp    netGW
netgw           741/udp    netGW
#                          Oliver Korfmacher ([email protected])
netrcs          742/tcp    Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.
netrcs          742/udp    Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.
#                          Gordon C. Galligher <[email protected]>
#               743        Unassigned
flexlm          744/tcp    Flexible License Manager
flexlm          744/udp    Flexible License Manager
#                          Matt Christiano
#                          <globes@[email protected]>
#               745-746    Unassigned
fujitsu-dev     747/tcp    Fujitsu Device Control
fujitsu-dev     747/udp    Fujitsu Device Control
ris-cm          748/tcp    Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager
ris-cm          748/udp    Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager
kerberos-adm    749/tcp    kerberos administration
kerberos-adm    749/udp    kerberos administration
rfile           750/tcp
loadav          750/udp
kerberos-iv     750/udp    kerberos version iv
#                          Martin Hamilton <[email protected]>
pump            751/tcp
pump            751/udp
qrh             752/tcp
qrh             752/udp
rrh             753/tcp
rrh             753/udp
tell            754/tcp    send
tell            754/udp    send
#                          Josyula R. Rao <[email protected]>
#               755-756    Unassigned
nlogin          758/tcp
nlogin          758/udp
con             759/tcp
con             759/udp
ns              760/tcp
ns              760/udp
rxe             761/tcp
rxe             761/udp
quotad          762/tcp
quotad          762/udp
cycleserv       763/tcp
cycleserv       763/udp
omserv          764/tcp
omserv          764/udp
webster         765/tcp
webster         765/udp
#                          Josyula R. Rao <[email protected]>
#               766        Unassigned
phonebook       767/tcp    phone
phonebook       767/udp    phone
#                          Josyula R. Rao <[email protected]>
#               768        Unassigned
vid             769/tcp
vid             769/udp
cadlock         770/tcp
cadlock         770/udp
rtip            771/tcp
rtip            771/udp
cycleserv2      772/tcp
cycleserv2      772/udp
submit          773/tcp
notify          773/udp
rpasswd         774/tcp
acmaint_dbd     774/udp
entomb          775/tcp
acmaint_transd  775/udp
wpages          776/tcp
wpages          776/udp
#                          Josyula R. Rao <[email protected]>
multiling-http  777/tcp    Multiling HTTP
multiling-http  777/udp    Multiling HTTP
#                          Alejandro Bonet <[email protected]>
#               778-779    Unassigned
wpgs            780/tcp
wpgs            780/udp
#                          Josyula R. Rao <[email protected]>
#               781-785    Unassigned
#               786        Unassigned (Removed 2002-05-08)
#               787        Unassigned (Removed 2002-10-08)
#               788-799    Unassigned
mdbs_daemon     800/tcp
mdbs_daemon     800/udp
device          801/tcp
device          801/udp
#               802-809    Unassigned
fcp-udp         810/tcp    FCP
fcp-udp         810/udp    FCP Datagram
#                          Paul Whittemore <[email protected]>
#               811-827    Unassigned
itm-mcell-s     828/tcp    itm-mcell-s
itm-mcell-s     828/udp    itm-mcell-s
#                          Portnoy Boxman <[email protected]>
pkix-3-ca-ra    829/tcp    PKIX-3 CA/RA
pkix-3-ca-ra    829/udp    PKIX-3 CA/RA
#                          Carlisle Adams <[email protected]>
netconf-ssh     830/tcp    NETCONF over SSH
netconf-ssh     830/udp    NETCONF over SSH
#                          [RFC4742]
netconf-beep    831/tcp    NETCONF over BEEP
netconf-beep    831/udp    NETCONF over BEEP
#                          [RFC4744]
netconfsoaphttp 832/tcp    NETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS
netconfsoaphttp 832/udp    NETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS
#                          [RFC4743]
netconfsoapbeep 833/tcp    NETCONF for SOAP over BEEP
netconfsoapbeep 833/udp    NETCONF for SOAP over BEEP
#                          [RFC4743]
#               834-846    Unassigned
dhcp-failover2  847/tcp    dhcp-failover 2
dhcp-failover2  847/udp    dhcp-failover 2
#                          Bernard Volz <[email protected]>
gdoi            848/tcp    GDOI
gdoi            848/udp    GDOI
#                          RFC-ietf-msec-gdoi-07.txt
#               849-859    Unassigned
iscsi           860/tcp    iSCSI
iscsi           860/udp    iSCSI
#                          RFC3720
owamp-control   861/tcp    OWAMP-Control
owamp-control   861/udp    OWAMP-Control
#                          [RFC4656]
#               862-872    Unassigned
rsync           873/tcp    rsync
rsync           873/udp    rsync
#                          Andrew Tridgell <[email protected]>
#               874-885    Unassigned
iclcnet-locate  886/tcp    ICL coNETion locate server
iclcnet-locate  886/udp    ICL coNETion locate server
#                          Bob Lyon <[email protected]>
iclcnet_svinfo  887/tcp    ICL coNETion server info
iclcnet_svinfo  887/udp    ICL coNETion server info
#                          Bob Lyon <[email protected]>
accessbuilder   888/tcp    AccessBuilder
accessbuilder   888/udp    AccessBuilder
#                          Steve Sweeney <[email protected]>
# The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use
cddbp           888/tcp    CD Database Protocol
#                          Steve Scherf <[email protected]>
#               889-899    Unassigned
omginitialrefs  900/tcp    OMG Initial Refs
omginitialrefs  900/udp    OMG Initial Refs
#                          Christian Callsen <[email protected]>
smpnameres      901/tcp    SMPNAMERES
smpnameres      901/udp    SMPNAMERES
#                          Leif Ekblad <[email protected]>
ideafarm-chat   902/tcp    IDEAFARM-CHAT
ideafarm-chat   902/udp    IDEAFARM-CHAT
ideafarm-catch  903/tcp    IDEAFARM-CATCH
ideafarm-catch  903/udp    IDEAFARM-CATCH
#                          Wo'o Ideafarm <[email protected]>
#               904-909    Unassigned
kink            910/tcp    Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (KINK)
kink            910/udp    Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (KINK)
#                          [RFC4430]
xact-backup     911/tcp    xact-backup
xact-backup     911/udp    xact-backup
#                          Bill Carroll <[email protected]>
apex-mesh       912/tcp    APEX relay-relay service
apex-mesh       912/udp    APEX relay-relay service
apex-edge       913/tcp    APEX endpoint-relay service
apex-edge       913/udp    APEX endpoint-relay service
#                          [RFC3340]
#               914-988    Unassigned
ftps-data       989/tcp    ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL
ftps-data       989/udp    ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL
ftps            990/tcp    ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL
ftps            990/udp    ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL
#                          Christopher Allen <[email protected]>
nas             991/tcp    Netnews Administration System
nas             991/udp    Netnews Administration System
#                          Vera Heinau <[email protected]>
#                          Heiko Schlichting <[email protected]>
telnets         992/tcp    telnet protocol over TLS/SSL
telnets         992/udp    telnet protocol over TLS/SSL
imaps           993/tcp    imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL
imaps           993/udp    imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL
ircs            994/tcp    irc protocol over TLS/SSL
ircs            994/udp    irc protocol over TLS/SSL
#                          Christopher Allen <[email protected]>
pop3s           995/tcp    pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)
pop3s           995/udp    pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)
#                          Gordon Mangione <[email protected]>
vsinet          996/tcp    vsinet
vsinet          996/udp    vsinet
#                          Rob Juergens <[email protected]>
maitrd          997/tcp
maitrd          997/udp
busboy          998/tcp
puparp          998/udp
garcon          999/tcp
applix          999/udp    Applix ac
puprouter       999/tcp
puprouter       999/udp
cadlock2        1000/tcp
cadlock2        1000/udp
#               1001-1009  Unassigned
#               1008/udp   Possibly used by Sun Solaris????
surf            1010/tcp   surf
surf            1010/udp   surf
#                          Joseph Geer <[email protected]>
#               1011-1020  Reserved
exp1            1021/tcp   RFC3692-style Experiment 1 (*)    [RFC4727]
exp1            1021/udp   RFC3692-style Experiment 1 (*)    [RFC4727]
exp2            1022/tcp   RFC3692-style Experiment 2 (*)    [RFC4727]
exp2            1022/udp   RFC3692-style Experiment 2 (*)    [RFC4727]
                1023/tcp   Reserved
                1023/udp   Reserved
#                          IANA <[email protected]>

(*) It is only appropriate to use these values in explicitly-
    configured experiments; they MUST NOT be shipped as defaults in
    implementations.  See RFC 3692 for details.

...and skip ports from 1024 to 49151 due to size limits.


The Dynamic and/or Private Ports are those from 49152 through 65535


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Hey, now that was fun.

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