The Republican National Convention is going on right now in New York City (September 1 2004). I live in the middle of New York so I pay attention to what's going on. One interesting service I ran across is a text-message distribution website called upoc.com. Once you sign up for a group on the upoc website, messages sent by anyone in the group show up on everyone else's phone. I joined a group called "Ruckus RNC" that protesters used to communicate, and on Tuesday night I spent the evening skateboarding around NYC and checking out protests. All the while, I was receiving updates on my phone about what was going on.

I found these messages fascinating, and thought it would be good to archive them here. So here you go, the RNC protest messages from the evening of 8/31/04. These messages were sent between about 4pm and 9pm that night.

area hot from 27th and park to 28th and bwy arrests et al

large police presence entering herald square from south

police planning on penning in all protesters at herald square
and arresting: only exits thr the south and subway

Everyone in streets at 34th st and 6th ave being arrested

16th betw irving and union sq people being beaten by police

28th and bwy
herald sq
union sq madison sq pk
all ocnfrontation and police activity at all locs

16th and 34th people being beaten while in handcuffs


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