Next after South Dakota was a brief foray through the lower corner of Minnesota. What else could we do but stop in Austin - the home of Hormel Foods? Hormel has just opened a large new Spam museum next to their headquarters.

Hormel is, of course, the maker of Spam, the potted meat we all know and love. Phil's recipie for a spam sandwich:


  • Two slices Wonder Bread
  • Two slices original Spam, cut 1/4 inch think
  • Two slices generic cheddar cheese
  • Miracle Whip


Toast Wonder Bread to a light brown. Spread Miracle Whip evenly on both slices. Place Spam and cheese in two layers between slices of bread to form sandwich. Garnish with barbeque potato chips if desired.

Sandwich should be eaten while bread is still warm from toaster.

What, no photos of anything in the museum? Well, the museum turns out to kind of suck. It's very bland and carefully tries to hide the fact that spam is disgusting pig parts packed in a can. The one thing in the museum which I forgot to take a picture of was a display of antique slaughtering tools. Right in the middle was a knife with a 3 foot blade called (I'm serious) the hog splitter.




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