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 Cute name ... deadly [talent|http://www.hollenback.net/junk/EbayArt/brownie.html]. 
 Shouldn't I be sick of [AYBABTU|http://www.hollenback.net/junk/EbayArt/mirror-ashtray.html]? 
-But where do the [M&M|http://www.hollenback.net/junk/EbayArt/mirror-dish .html]s go? 
+But where do the [M&M|http://www.hollenback.net/junk/EbayArt/mirror-clover .html]s go?  

current version

'Found' Art can take on many different aspects. There are textual systems all around us which can be manipulated to artistic effect. This is particularly the case with the internet. I first got this idea from Google Text Ads.

My first attempts (these are items I actually sold on eBay):

Cute little ceramic elves.

Behold the mighty COUROC!

Cute name ... deadly talent.

Shouldn't I be sick of AYBABTU?

But where do the M&Ms go?



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