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This photo album is structured as a series of paths. A path is a series of photos I have arranged to tell a particular story or illustrate a particular event. For example, the DogsAndCats path contains pictures of both dogs and cats (duh).

Pictures may be included in more than one path, depending on how hypertexty I'm feeling.

Oh, yeah, all pictures on this site are copyright Philiph J. Hollenback unless otherwise noted. I took the picture unless I forgot that someone else took the picture or I'm in it.

Latest Paths with new pics

(paths are in the order I get around to assembling them, not chronological order)

Other paths

(also worthy of your love)

The Entire Album

If you want, you can view the whole album through this interface. But please try the paths above first, as they have a lot of info not in the album (like my very amusing stories).

How To Find New Pictures

Instead of following the paths, you can go to RecentChanges and see a list of all pages modified since the last date you visited. That list will contain all the new picture pages.

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